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Season 26 Episode 3: ZZZ 13



Lest we seem to disparage Damien’s magnificent physique let the record show that daddy’s boy is packing some serious mass and hairy bad boy beef; Kevin James though, is visually breathtaking, every crevice and corner of anatomy is defined, sculpted, as if molded by the gods. A gift to mankind, James possesses all the physical attributes of Damien’s dreams. Rush recorded a 40-hour work(out) week on his social media accounts, letting the little guys know that, “was before adding posing practice into the equation,” which he estimated at another 25 hours of sweat and toil. The amount of time and (daddy’s) money spent on his physique compounded with mixed success in the ring and on the mats, catalyzes Rush’s rage, confronted with a man that is both superior physically and verbally aggressive. Damien’s temperament is not remotely rhythmic, some would say he is downright delusional. His hormones surge, seeing the representation of undeniable manliness and worse yet, James is trash talking Rush’s flex routine and calling his body hair, “disgusting.”

Kevin James is a mountain of chiseled muscle. Damien Rush is a cocky stud with a big mouth and his eyes on the spotlight. Naturally Damien Rush is displeased when Kevin James tries to interrupt his flexing, and the two pose off, with Kevin James spectacular physique blowing Damien's out of the water. Not one to back down, Damien lunges at James with a "special" cloth and puts him down. With all the muscles, not being provided crucial air, they are more a liability to Kevin James than anything, and Damien can have his way with him on the mats, pinning the muscles and cutting off his air further and further. Damien eats this up, gloating as James' attempts to fend him off become weaker and weaker. Daddy’s boy conjures visions of Don Quixote; the grandeur of Damien’s delusions is matched, only by the ferocity of his actions. Every spellbinding second of triumph over such high-quality musculature serves as sacrifice to Rush’s swelling ego, in spite of the tactics used to achieve success of the stronger, fitter, better man. One could question if Damien is consciously stifling Kevin’s screams, beneath the strongly substance-saturated towel. Damien’s pompous proclamations overlook the handicap that James’, now helpless lungs and muscle have had to endure through methodical oxygen deprivation. From Rush’s point of view, he is winning this match fair and square and this victory will serve to justify any and all actions that led to its purpose. Maybe next time around James will be clever to Damien’s drowsy drugs, but for now the big bodybuilder will have to dream about being beaten by a much smaller man. 

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