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Season 7 Episode 3: Meaty Muscle Massacre 4

Damien Rush is hungry and full of power; he wants the type of match that makes his temperature rise, that drives his alpha male heartbeat through the roof. Massive muscle monster Darius, is prepared to thrash the likes of any cocky wrestler and upon meeting Damien he follows his instinct to teach a damn good, beefy power lesson to the privileged punk Rush.


Shockingly to Darius, his new nemesis has an ample amount of power to use, as well as a full head of steam; suddenly the match is looking a tad bit more challenging than what Mr. Black Muscles was expecting. Using his most devastating move possible, Damien sucks Darius into his powerful bearhug, hoisting the mighty two-hundred pounder into his thick arms as if he weighed nothing at all. Continuing the assault on the muscle man’s wide back,


Damien applies the Crab without mercy and with no intention of relenting. Between Rush’s back punishing and air-flow constricting moves Darius manages a few moments of convicted offense guided by his monumental muscles, but Damien is set on victory and ready to give his whole hairy body to win this match and leave the big black muscle man lying on the mats, wondering what went wrong.

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