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Season 13 Episode 2: Six Pack Bash 6




Cast everything you know about Damien Rush aside. The former pampered, naïve, daddy’s boy has undergone some major maturation, with more chest hair, more muscle and a mean streak that says, pay attention to me! Damien’s opponent has been making waves of his own throughout the wrestling community. Having just touched down at MDW, stunningly handsome hunk Cal Bennett, expects his opponent to be the man he called out in his Vip Flex video, bodybuilder Braden Charron. Instead he is greeted by the wild he-man Rush. “Do you know who I am?” Rush boasts.


“Who are you; I have no idea who you are.” Cal cockily retorts.


“I’m the biggest, baddest, meanest motherfucker to ever step foot in this ring” Damien responds while showing off his guns. After a protracted verbal onslaught from Damien, the two muscle men lock up, Cal thinks that Rush might be all talk, Damien is ready to prove otherwise. Rush gets aggressive, smashing heavy forearms and stomps into Cal’s back until the ladder sinks to the mat. With super human strength Rush hoists Bennett off the mat and into the air in a tight full nelson. Damien shakes the pretty boy model around, clamping down harder and harder. Cal begins to fight the hold but Damien uses Bennett’s resistance to against him, letting his massive muscular arms swoop in around Bennett’s chiseled midsection. Damien mentions his desire to make mince-meat out of Cal’s abs as he squeezes, lifting Bennett of his feet in a reverse Bear-hug. Damien thrusts and thrusts, coiling his arms deeper around the slim waist of Cal, making him suffer in spite of his rock hard abs.


The former daddy’s boy knows he has to soften Cal up everywhere if he is to maintain his position on top. He will have plenty of time to work over those pretty abs and teach the muscle model a lesson in masculinity. The hairy alpha starts to implement his game plan, allowing Cal to fall from his arms to the mat. While Cal is gasping for breath Damien is flipping him over into a Boston Crab. Every bulging inch of muscle on Cal looks to be in pain and as Damien taunts and yanks. Cal’s leopard print jock strap seeps deep into his firm ass as his legs are bent further towards his head.

Unable to withhold his whimpers any longer, Bennett cries out in pain. Rush soaks in the sounds of agony for a moment before relinquishing the hold. Cal lays on the mat nearly passed out, breathing heavily, trying to recover. A slap from the he-man brings the model to his senses. Cal’s reunion with his consciousness proves and unhappy encounter as Damien sits down on his back and traps Cal’s arms in a vicious Camel Clutch. Bennett screams more, music to Rush’s ears. The villainous edge in Damien’s demeanor implores him to bend Bennett’s back further so Rush can cinch in an ab claw amidst the already torturous hold!


Stomps and punches rain down from the hairy Damien on Cal’s smooth 6 pack. “Look at how red they’re turning.” Damien observes, stuffing Cal’s handsome face underneath his manly armpit in a dragon sleeper hold. Veins from Cal’s Adonis belt trace their way from his swelling bulge up through his ripped abdominals. “You know what I love about this hold?” Damien asks. The alpha male lets Cal know that in a dragon sleeper his abs are exposed and vulnerable as he sinks in another claw to rip apart Bennett’s pack. Cal’s Screams of pain are deafened by the hair underneath the arms of Rush.


Yearning for the satisfying sound of suffering, Damien locks in a scissors hold across the abs of Bennett, who is squirming and twisting in pain, desperately trying to unclasp the thick, hairy, barbarian legs of Rush from around his diminishing waist. Damien allows his prey to crawl around the mat looking naked and helpless. A bow and arrow submission threatens to stretch the fibers of Cal’s beautiful abs to their breaking point, while his back is dug into by hardened knees. Rush becomes the altar on which Cal is being sacrificed.


With an over the knee backbreaker ab claw combo, Rush receives the first cry of true submission from Cal. “I can’t take anymore” he yells. Damien continues to punish Bennett’s abs while he is over his knee and batters the 6 pack once he crushes Cal back to the mat. The male model grasps at his precious abs feeling them up and down, seeing if they are still intact. Rush will not let him rest, wailing on Cal blow after blow. Rush is insistent upon stretching Cal out in another bow and arrow variation hold, before drumming the abs with massive blows.


Damien Rush, the hunter is now preparing to feast upon his game. He toys with Bennett and plays him like an accordion, stretching and constricting in an endless cycle of ab abuse. Damien is pounding away on a weary Cal, salivating over the impending meal, softening the abs up ever more with harsh punches and stomps to the gut. Rush taps into his sadistic side, deciding that playing with his food was not enough; he needs to torture it. So Cal’s limp muscle body is dragged into a seat where Damien can spend some fine time with him and his abs. With Bennett nearly lifeless and depleted the real ab bashing begins

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