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Season 21 Episode 3: Super Men 5.4





Super Stud is back to save the day, once again dawning the red and blue spandex suit, bursting at the seams with bulging muscle and other anatomical immensities. Stud is the perfect blend of muscle perfection and classic good guy naivety, making him a deliciously irresistible target for horny villains. Lucky for the citizens (and the bevvy of bad guys) Super Stud has remarkable powers of recovery and always comes back for more punishment. The hero has had his balls busted, powers drained and ass kicked by an endless stream of mean men. Now he faces another challenge, a familiar (masked) face with a newly enhanced body. Symbeite, the ever growing, morphing, power sucking, super hero draining, vicious villain, discovers Super Stud’s secret home address and takes the street clothed hero unawares!


Immediately, Stud feels the increased power of his foe, as if the visual increase in muscle mass was not indicative enough of the impending trouble. Having drained the life-force of myriad powerful heroes, Symbeite is now much more menacing, easily picking apart a helpless Super Stud with more ferocity than the defender of justice has ever experienced. The only thing halting Symbeite’s juice filled bicep from popping Stud’s head like a pimple is his ever waxing desire to absorb more power and grow to infinite heights of indomitable evil. Super Stud can feel his power being drained from mere contact with the deadly beast; the sable masked bully flexes with Stud’s power coursing through his veins.


Earth’s defender is not ready to give in yet though, stripping off his only real costume to reveal his marvelous shiny spandex, signaling the resurgence of vigor that drives his heroism. With renewed confidence, Stud unleashes a barrage of offense on his nemesis, driving the shocked villain into a corner. It’s no wonder the champion of justice barely makes the squeeze into his ever tightening outfit; the bulgingly muscular hero packs a massive a punch and displays the physical prowess that accompanies such a beautiful bod. Stunned, Symbeite receives blows reserved for high handed crime all over his own muscle bound body. The villain begins to feel the power of good overwhelming him; his plan to grow even bigger by draining Super Stud seems in jeopardy.


Stud’s sweetly outlined ass rumbles in his spandex with each punch he throws. But for as good as things are looking, Symbeite still promises to regain the upper hand. Even while locked in a Full Nelson submission he declares, “When I get loose I’m going to suck so much power out of you!” And loose himself he does, with a moment of separation, Symbeite seizes the opportunity, hoisting Stud into a super-sized Bear-hug! Super Stud gets drained and crushed simultaneously, the worst type of torture. Somehow Stud’s bulge seems to maintain its virility, expanding as if to compensate for his spinal constriction at the hands of his foe.

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