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Season 6 Episode 6: Hazed and Humiliated 5

An unjust fightclub owner (Cruise) competes monthly in a wrestling tournament to determine a champion within the ranks of black market affairs. Specifically orchestrated to be an internal affair, it is always a shock to discover an external participant in the tournament; in particular, a naive, upright, hometown hero (Rush). As fate would have it, the hero advances to face the owner and operator of the club he is wrestling at in the finals. Backstage, The seedy owner confronts the flamboyantly eager hero; he lets him know how things work and that he better throw the match in front of his friends and family - or else. To accompany his harsh words Morgan Cruise provides Damien with his new gear, Rush reluctantly strips out of his lucky trunks and slides the new ones over his gorgeous ass. Astonished and devastated, Damien complies, letting the villainous club owner do his worst, for everyone to see.


Something is not right though, Damien has people that care about him and about this match, he cannot lose, no matter what. He begins to fight back, using his freaky muscle power to control Cruise. He apologies to Cruise for going back on his word but he has to win this match. The irate club owner and wrestling champion produces a pen sized device with a button on the top; immediately pressing down on the button the effects are apparent as Damien crumbles to his knees clutching his crotch. Club owner Cruise grins to the point of laughter. explaining that he never relies on one plan alone, he always has a backup. In this case, his 'plan b' was a ball shock torture device which he wired into Damien's trunks prior to their bout. " You fucking cheater" a heated Damien cries out in studly angst. What follows is pure ball-shocking control and sadistic heel, wrestling dominance

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