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Season 16 Episode 2: Hazed and Humiliated 8




Sexy stud Damien Rush admires his new bulked physique. He never fails to mention the endless “funds from daddy” that get him the top of the line gear and personal training. “Whoa Whoa” The Mountain interjects. “You think you’re big? You don’t know what big is.” And indeed if anyone is the authority on size, it is the bodybuilder crusher, pretty boy annihilator, 400 pound Mountain.


“Never interrupt a man while he’s flexing” Damien warns. It is the precise type of arrogant instruction that fires the Mountain up like nothing else can. The big man is a motivated ass kicker whenever he steps foot in the ring, but seeing a bodybuilding Daddy’s boy really gets under Mountain’s gelatinous skin. “I’m going to give you three seconds to get in the ring before I pull you in!” Damien strokes his chest hair, smugly retorting “You think you can pull this in?” Mountain counts to three and follows through with his threat, yanking the handsome hunk through the ropes and smashing him with big blows.


Mountain stands his giant boot across Rush’s throat, instantly asserting total dominance and control over his muscled opponent. The monster heel gives Damien one shot to get off the mat and throw every inch of his hairy muscled body at the Mountain. Rush runs off the ropes, crashing into his opponent with a clothesline that would fell any other man. But most men are not 400 pounds of rage and resentment. Mountain swats Damien like a fly with a stiff clothesline of his own and wastes no time scooping Rush off the mat and powerslamming him. “That’s the Mountain!”


Before the match hits the 10 minute mark, Damien attempts a quick escape. Rush is dragged back into the ring by his trunks and punished with big splash after splash. Rush officially gives up a few submission holds later, but the beating carries on much longer; The biggest baddest monster at MDW plans to pick the pretty boy apart, muscle by muscle, until Damien admits that all bodybuilders are arrogant pieces of shit and no one can climb the Mountain!

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