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Season 39 Episode 2: ZZZ 18



Hairy, rugged, bursting from his gear, and already sweaty (or oiled up) Damien Rush looks to assert himself against the smooth, toned, and tatted Cal Bennett, who by the way, is cockier than ever, a fact made obvious as he self-adulates in the signature sultriness of his deep baritone. Rush looks super strong, flexing, commanding Cal to compare, to which challenge the handsome stud obliges, bringing his inked guns to the pinnacle of a front bicep shot - Cal’s stacked peaks contoured by his body-art - emphasizing how damn good the beautiful Bennett looks.

Truly, if looks could kill, these mouth-watering hunks would both be in a lot of trouble, but lucky them and us, these wrestlers are not here to slay each other with poses (though they do appear to try as they flex off). No, these men have business to settle of who exactly is the better man, the superior specimen, the ultimate in appearance, as well as strength and skill. On this particular score Rush is one-up on Bennett off the heels of a previous encounter the two had, where Damien smashed Cal’s ripped torso to pieces. This time however, the tattooed Adonis starts strong, avenging his earlier loss and then some as the titans clash in contests of strength and power; the timeless trial of arm-wrestling proves Bennett better than before and a present problem for the fuming daddy’s boy, Rush, who is accustomed to getting his way and juvenile when he does not.

With pride on the line and his back against the figurative ropes (this bout occurs on the open mat) the tantrum-prone and actively throwing one Rush, resorts to a questionable tactic which, notwithstanding its legality, is nonetheless an efficacious expedient in turning the tide of battle against the brimming with confidence Cal. In consequence of Damien opting into plan B, it is with a nonplussed shock that Cal finds his face suddenly covered with a rag, rank with something foul-smelling and distinctly disorienting. 

As Cal awakens, the hazy but clearing fog gradually reveals the heaving frame of a hulking figure - nearly pouting from self-righteous indignation – flushed a crimson color and panting like a crazed beast fueled by its thirst for predatory dominance. Before the shroud upon his vision can fully clear from Bennett’s blue eyes, the inked model of a man feels the merciless coils of unrelenting muscle-girth hampering his flow of air. Fighting with sudden desperation Cal claws at the bicep hooked around his neck and with a very strained voice, calls his very unrestrained adversary a cheater, while momently mustering attempts to ply apart Damien’s super-sized arms. 

Gloating and pouring on the punishment, Rush retorts by clarifying that what Cal calls cheating, is all the same, Damien Rush winning, because Damien Rush is a winner and always wins (and there’s no referee to say otherwise). If the palpable wetness of smug soaked audio-waves splashing from Damien’s privileged lips as he enunciates the word winner is evidence of anything other than a lack of sportsmanship in the attitude of this one-percenter, it is that Bennett’s besting of Rush could prove a fatal mistake in the ultimate outcome of their encounter. With Cal’s newfound weariness of Damien’s dirty style, the blue-eyed hunk may stand a chance to recover and reclaim the edge but his work is certainly cut out for him as Rush is, even now, availing himself to the advantage he holds over a compromised Cal and will stop at nothing to win, even if that means squeezing every last gasp of air from Bennett’s body. Can Cal calm the tempest of Rush’s ruthless machinations, or will daddy’s boy have his way and continue to hit the snooze on Cal’s alarm? 

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