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Season 24 Episode 2: Oil Hunks 10



Brad Barnes and Damien Rush are two hot headed hunks. Both have trained hard for their competition and today is the big day. Brad is trying to pump up backstage with a dumbbell until a massive Damien Rush thuds into the room, insisting he put down HIS weight, before picking it up himself and pumping his biceps and lats.

Damien shit talks Brad bluntly, while the leaner stud implies he is going to be taking overall, as he is the best physique in the house. They flex and compare, with Brad showcasing unbelievable definition, and Damien unprecedented size. "No one gives a shit about your weight class" Damien rudely says, only for Brad to say that at least he is cut, so you can see how strong he is. Taking that as an affront to his strength, Damien proposes a challenge- The two of them face off in a battle of strength- Whoever comes out on top is the better man, and the lesser must oil them up.

They clash in a back and forth arm wrestling match, veins popping out and muscles straining. Damien wins the first round, gloating all the while, but is stunned when he goes down in the second round. He pumps his muscles up, motivated himself, and is able to secure a win, making him the best of 3 winner.

Disappointed in his loss, Brad energetically dives into the next contest- Mercy- And is able to muscle down the bulky muscle god. In disbelief- Damien states its time to settle things once and for all in the ultimate challenge- Wrestling.

Brad comes out of the gates with incredible speed and energy, shocking Damien, and using muscle and momentum to move him as he wants. After being thrown for a loop, Damien regains his senses and fights back with his specialty- Strength. He squeezes, lifts, and slams Brad, and ultimately threatens to throw him off his shoulders unless he submits.

Brad begs for mercy and surrenders to the muscle god Damien- Forfeiting his place in the competition and oiling up Damien so he can go win his competition. 

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