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Season 18 Episode 4: Super Men 4.4




Super Stud is looking buff and sexy. All his power radiates off of him, arms bulging through his tight spandex suit. A mysterious gentleman with a few riddles for our stud is apprehending the mighty hero! With a special power draining cane, the masked villain is easily able to overpower the much mightier Super Stud. The Naïve hero is on his knees within moments of coming into contact with the nefarious twink villain.


Super Stud recently suffered a power draining from 2 vile villains, Parasyte and Symbyote. The weakened hero has no resistance to offer this new foe as his balls are grabbed and punished and his body is touched all over. The man with riddles edges his way into every crevice that he so desires to explore on the big super’s body. It seems the bad guy is going to get to do all the naughty things he desires with the macho, but helpless hero. Will Super Stud be able to prevent the cane from finding his hole? Not if the masked man has anything to say about it; as far as Riddle man is concerned nothing is off limits and Super Stud is merely his plaything.

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