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Season 37 Episode 1: Oil Hunks 19



Fresh from a spotlight showing in the world of bodybuilding, Braden Charron poses his contest ready physique as he refines delicious details in his ever-improving flexing routine. Peace, quiet, a personal cameraman, these are the sole elements Braden calls for in sessions like these, which is why there is no ambiguity to the muscle man’s consternated sigh as Damien loudmouth (but oh so sexy jawline) Rush saunters toward the ring. Ever the spotlight stealer, Rush delights in having found a thong far skimpier than the undoubtedly revealing posing trunks worn by Braden. Damien is already posing, expounding upon the function and beauty of his muscles, teasing Charron about his “show” muscles. 


As one might expect, the frustrated bodybuilder is easily goaded into a contest of strength with antagonistic Damien. The muscle gods interlace their fingers and crash together chest to chest, one hairy, the other smooth. As the combatants' faces reach red shades resembling the crimson color of the MDW ring, Rush manages to gain some leverage and sinks Braden to a knee, where the overworked bodybuilder is cornered into conceding. Damien hops around, elated by his victory as Braden rises and huffs, “Best two out of three” all in one motion. 


Braden evens the score, attributing the initial loss to a warm-up effort. “What are you celebrating for?” exclaims Rush who is eager to solidify his superiority with a tie-breaker. Despite the final round concluding decisively enough, neither stud is satisfied with ending things there, as arm-wrestling leads way to an increased ferocity that ultimately ensues in a wrestling match! 


Before the bulls lock horns Braden wags his finger, issuing a stipulation for the final contest. Damien is no less deterred for it as he rubs his hairy pecs parroting the stipulation aloud. Both macho men are pleased at the thought; the loser will get down on their knees and oil the winner…

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