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Season 17 Episode 2: Fantasy Heels 8




Might Mutant is challenged by privileged daddy’s boy Damien Rush to a series of strength contests. Naturally the smaller Damien is having a difficult time besting Mutant in pure strength challenges like arm wrestling, mercy, and doubly so in a bear hug challenge. When play time is over Mutant unleashes a bone shredding spear to the midsection of rush, practically ripping the cocky stud in half. The giant muscle stud tosses Damien across the ring like a rag doll. Rush finds his arms contorted behind his back as Mutant grinds in with pure power.


This time Rush has signed himself up for a mismatch. Sometimes the arrogant hairy stud gives a decent fight before succumbing to defeat. His opponent is goliath before him, overpowering and monstrous. Mutant’s Freakish strength is on full display here with an added element of cocky aggression. His shiny black Trunks can hardly contain what lies beneath as the muscle god swells with a pump of total unbridled sadistic destruction.

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