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Season 29 Episode 2: Oil Hunks 13



Occasionally, hybridization creates a rare wrestling bodybuilder, like Damien Rush, who knows his way around the ropes and is savvy enough to establish dominance using the same techniques that have left him humiliated and defeated in past matches. Rush can be seen lurking around the facility, awaiting prime meat to set foot through the ropes. Damien pounces on twink novitiate Drake Raven, throttling him with sweat gleaming muscle power, subduing the newbie while admiring his own hairy chest and other succulent features, thinking all the while how good he is going to look all oiled up. 


Rush can be described as the ultimate daddy’s boy, but at times, he looks every bit the part of alpha monster on the prowl. With the sable haired Raven firmly under his control, Rush uses the opportunity to soak in (the sweat) and stench of fear and reverence emanating from the rookie. Damien relishes destroying the rookie runt, knowing the impression he makes on the boy, will produce a proper little worshipper. 


Damien works up a perfunctory sweat, using the lad as a barbell, curling the overmatched kid then tossing him aside like a piece of meat. Scooping up the dazed, soon to be oiler, is all too easy for the massive Rush and holding, squeezing and wrenching a nasty looking Bear-hug proves equally unchallenging. So luxurious is the advantage Damien has over the little jobber, that the hairy bodybuilder has spare breath to expound upon his incredible physique, while he crushes his prey like a Boa Constrictor. Rush details and fantasizes about the impending worship session that awaits the loser of this match. Needless to say, the only oiling Damien will be doing is on himself, as he gloats like none other. 


Without a moment of pause, Rush hoists Drake on his shoulders, Fireman’s Carry position, belting out reps of seemingly weightless squats. Rather than the bodybuilder breathless, the human weight does all the grunting and groaning from atop the hairy muscle shoulders, as Rush’s expanding package tests the durability of his shiny orange trunks. “Get a nice pump on,” 

Damien illustrates, glossing his hands from his sweaty chest fur, down to a slow caress of his bona-fide bulge. Rush enjoys his handiwork, but his beaten victim is equal to the pleasure that both wrestlers take from shining up Damien’s winning physique.

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