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Season 22 Episode 4: Ball Bash 8





Tank’s debut was not everything he was hoping it would be. Victimized by Daddy Thrasher, Tank is looking for a rebound match, one where he will fight as dirty as need be to get the win. And fight dirty he does, grabbing his opponent Damien Rush by the balls before the bell has time to ring. “That’s cheating!” Rush cries, his voice noticeable octaves higher than the wont.


“Come on, I thought you were a big man,” Tank hums in return. It is clear the marine muscle man is going to enjoy himself tonight. “How about your nipples,” Tank tests, observing Damien’s reaction to this further infringement on what was supposed to be a fair contest, (Damien’s reaction is a squeal of pain, pleasure? Pain).


“Where are those big striated muscles now,” Tank questions Rush, his hands filled with Damien’s testicles. Rush's eyes roll back, the young bear barely able to process the sensation of having his nuts tenderized so intimately. “I can’t work that out,” Rush protests, but his cries are for naught as his balls are squeezed harder to Tank’s delight. Tank applies a chokehold while retaining grip of Damien’s boys. When the marine rolls Damien onto his back like a dog, Tank lifts Rush off the mat by Damien’s groped balls. Tank finds he particularly likes jamming a thumb in Damien’s ass while gripping Rush’s nuts from behind the boy. Damien wears a look of one having been utterly defiled. In truth, that is what Tank is here to do, not to beat Damien, not to pin him, but to violate him in a way that no one else has ever.

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