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Season 6 Episode 5: Fantasy Heels 3

Cocky and entitled Damien Rush shows up just in time to catch the end of Bryce’s workout. Administering an impromptu anatomy lesson, Damien commands Bryce to stare at his pecs while he warms up on the bench press with Bryce’s maximum weight.Bryce retaliates, inviting Damien to join a contest of bicep strength. Again it is quickly evident that Mr. Rush has the superior power.

     As soon as he’s placed the curl bar at his feet, Damien proclaims himself both the best in the gym and the ring, to which Bryce raises a mocking eyebrow. Fortunately the MDW ring is stationed only a few second away from the gym so the two hot headed studs need waste no time putting Damien’s claim to the test.

     Damien immediately establishes his awesome power - tossing his opponent from corner to corner with complete disdain. Damien is as focused on the match as he is on his muscles. In between flexes he begins to dissect the leaner Bryce, driving his massive delt to his cornered opponent's mid-section repeatedly, as Barrigan fights his way out of the corner his is caught in a thunderous belly to belly suplex. A haughty Rush slaps Bryce to his feet, these are the moments he loves, feeling indomitable and rubbing it in the face of his outmatched prey. Bryce however, does not know how to lose very well and refuses to succumb to the arrogant muscle god. Devising a new strategy Barrigan leaps off the ropes soaring into an impassioned cross body; he falls, full impact into the big hairy chest of Rush, who is unmoved. Rush sends him crashing to the mat with a huge slam and unloads bicep flexing elbow drops until Bryce submits.

    If the privileged stud had an ounce of humility he may have realized Bryce is above quitting from one submission; gloating above Barrigan he leaves the cunning heel a wide open low blow, and you can bet he is taking his oppurtunity. 

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