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Season 29 Episode 3: Super Men 7.3



A parasitical villain has taken the world and often times the ring, by storm. Most super heroes are just like the comic books, consummate good guys, who in spite of their enormous strength and constant dedications to society, still seek to earn an honest living, without simply taking what they could well be entitled to. So where do most super men like to claim their bread? There are a few professions that are eminently favorable, but none so much fun as showing a small quantity of power off between the ropes of the squared circle. Here, the heroes get to don masks, just as they might in normal practice, retaining their anonymity, the pride of every do-gooder that takes up the charge of defending the weak. In fact, over the past several decades, this side-profession has caused a meta shift in the entire environment of wrestling. Meaning, where there are super heroes, villains are bound to crop up, and where power exists, the bad masked men exist to take it. 


Super heroes such as Captain Justice, are used to thriving in the world of wrestling, spellbinding the masses with their pulse-pounding physical appearance, while storing away the greater quantity of their powers, deemed unnecessary against mere mortal men. Several meta humans have sought to take advantage of this reservation of power, catching the hero by surprise, beginning the ‘draining process’ before the hero can realize the severity of opponent they face. Most successful by far at striking the heroes out, is the entity, with an ever morphing, always muscled, sweaty body, who can be recognized beneath a sometimes red, sometimes black mask, but always with the same evil eyes, laughing in their depravity. Indeed, it is a mystery as to whether this ‘Parasite’ or ‘Symbiote’ even has a face underneath the layers of evil attached to his neck. 


Justice is extremely powerful, as evinced by the rippling hardness coating his every muscle fiber. But the Parasite has wrenched his draining claws deep beneath the surface those fibers and the draining process has adapted to prevent heroes from powering up while the life is being sucked from them. Draining is the beginning, middle and end of the machinations of Parasite, but tethering the threads together, is a hellacious beat-down that clearly causes more pain than an average man could ever endure. Justice’s screams evoke empathy from all who hear, as the question swerves from whether he can survive the hands of his foe, to a pondering of whether the draining or pounding causes more pain. 


The heaping mound of muscle carried by Captain Justice is eventually reduced to worthless weight, as demonstrated when the maniacal Parasite taunts the hero by supplying a small weight which the captain struggles and fails to curl. As Justice attempts to channel his energy to produce a rep, Parasite grasps the drained bicep and sucks out the remaining life. By no means however, is the gluttonous freak done with Justice, though maybe for now he has had his fill; but in time the captain will recharge, not enough to break free from the shackles that fetter him, Parasite won’t allow that, but certainly enough to be a worthy energy snack, next time the villain’s belly growls.


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