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Season 22 Episode 1: Super Men 6.1





Masked Muscle is awesome. Pro bodybuilder Kevin James is the perfect muscle sculpture to don the mask and call himself super hero! His veins almost epidermal, literally all muscle, Kevin is the prime invulnerable paragon of justice. But even immortal gods have their weaknesses, sometimes as simple as certain rock from a certain home planet. Whatever James’ weakness there is one man guaranteed to have it, the incorrigible villain, The Suit.


Suit is known to possess various ‘anti-alpha’ concoctions that level the playing field against men carved of stone. With the latest Suit serum, leveling the playing field is a thing of the past, the potion now promising to give Suit the undeniable upper hand when flirting with super men and their super powers.


The man in sable spandex has fantasies to live out. Conquering over immortal muscle men is one fantasy that gives Suit endless satisfaction to revisit. The villain alternates between assault and muscle sampling, caressing the body that will soon belong to him. Suit has a preference for maintaining his super hero collection, which means weakening and brainwashing the men behind the masks so that they learn to serve his evil inclinations. The consummate good-guy James begins to scream uncontrollably as his muscle is penetrated by Suit’s electric touch. The veteran villain knows to soften the mind, first the body must be broken down. He will leave all the important parts intact however, the better to enjoy later.


For all the savoring and methodical dissecting The Suit employs, there is one moment he cannot wait to take part in, the parting of the hero from his mask and identity. This moment of great ecstasy for Suit just happens to also be a crucial step in the process of converting the mound of muscle into a subservient machine. Once the hero loses his identity and is consequently brought to the point of ultimate ignominy, Suit can reprogram and add another to his stable of subservient supers!

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