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Season 27 Episode 3: Supermen 7.2



Captain Cal is here to save the day and damn if he doesn’t at least he’ll look damn good in the attempt. The light blue mask leaves just enough of the beautiful beaming blue eyes that light up Captain’s face to reveal the splendid handsomeness of Cal Bennet. Cal rocks blue like it’s a superpower, if only it were a useful one to have in the captain’s current predicament. 


Symbiite is ever evolving, sometimes muscle bound, sometimes wiry and ripped, but always wearing a crimson or dark black color on his malevolent face, a product of his unnerving condition, inciting the fiend to drain the sexiest super men down to the last drop, growing in power all the while. Each hero drained represents more and more power, along with greater cravings to consume. Symbiite exists in a cycle of perpetual gratification and fulfillment of fantasy. Nothing is off limits for this abominable marauder.

At night, the incubus is symbiite and now he is stronger than legend ever recounted, for many men have been sucked dry – drained and harvested by the foul creature who never sets a limit upon his indulgences. Spandex clad men are in serious danger at all times while the phantom of sexual energy lurks no more, strictly in shadows, for his power is greatest now among all fell things and very few remain to contest his strength alone. 


Captain Cal is helpless prey, outmatched from the start and so delightfully delectable. Cal’s sexiness is evidence of a very high energy output that perfectly compliments Symbiite’s appetite. Still, no amount of sinfulness can taint how exquisitely hot it is to watch Captain Cal, drained, sucked dry, and left bound for more feeding later. Cal tied hopelessly bound in ropes, hung and spread is the vulnerable treat that others far more virtuous than symbiite would succumb to if they had the venomous power coursing through the exotic muscle morphed maniac’s manly body.

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