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Season 25 Episode 3: Super Men 6.4



Magnifico! and The Finisher have battled to a sweaty sperm spewing conclusion. That was only the beginning of the story though, we come to find as we see the man in the golden blue mask regain his super strength and look to lock up the tendrils of evil with his humping grasps and thrusts of justice. Precisely his game plan, Magnifico! follows his heart… and cock.


Gaining the upper hand on his outmatched nemesis, Magnifico! thwarts the finisher’s plans for a relaxed evening with a hot bath by propelling himself into down and dirty territory. With a hand full of The Finisher’s nutsack, Magnifico! cries, “I have all the powers!” Worthy of note is the Finisher’s utter inability to fight back, for he is intimately wrapped up in the limbs of Magnifico! The Hero starts grinding his cock up against the villain’s, sensually, then with force.


The ultimate weapon of Magnifico! seems to be his hard cock. Pumping and thrusting, during head scissors, holds and various pinning combinations, Magnifico! has his antagonist by the balls. Laying over his fallen foe, he rams his super cock down The Finisher’s throat! Magnifico! plans to take back all of his powers and a whole lot more by straining the veins out of Finisher’s cock with violent cock sucking assaults. With Finisher fully subdued Magnifico! regains what he lost by sucking the cum from the villain’s beaten and battered dick. 

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