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Season 12 Episode 2: Super Men 4.1




The nefarious Suit is at it again! Back with a shiny black metallic spandex suit, he is quick to capture another marvelously muscled super hero’s girlfriend. Mutant Man takes the bait and arrives at Suit’s lair clad in a patriotic mask and bulging red thong. The mutant super hero demands to see Sara as he bends an iron bar with ease, his super hard muscles not even having to strain. Suit does not keep the hulking hero waiting long. After all, the nerdy pervert behind the Suit can hardly contain himself, knowing he has the upper hand against the genetically superior alpha, Mutant. Mutant quickly learns the hard way that rushing into a super villain’s lair may lead to entrapment. Any hero in the city ought to know that Suit’s lair is coated with special anti-alpha crystal, leaving the thong wearing justice seeker a sitting duck, caught in the Suit’s most basic trap!


Suit has arranged to get his hands all over the muscled body of the masked hero Mutant and now Mutant cannot save his girlfriend, or himself! To make matters worse, Suit is not taking any chances with the bulging hero and decides to tie him and his huge muscles up just in case any of his strength remains. Suit punishes the hero’s abs and taunts him about his girlfriend, but tells Mutant not to worry because Sara is not “Suit material.” Suit prefers getting his hands all over the muscle man himself.


Suit picks Mutant apart, putting him in choke holds and using the ropes to choke and whip him. Suit even employs the bar that the super man bent to choke the hero with. He reminds Mutant Man that his girlfriend is watching this humiliating beating. Suit commands the muscle mutant to flex for him as he punishes Mutant’s muscles. Then Suit commands worship out of the muscle man, but Mutant knows how wrong that would be, and fervently screams “Never.” This obstinacy raises the ire of the Suit, who reverts to his harshest form of punishing super men, ball torture. “Looks like even with all those big muscles, you forgot to wear a super cup,” Suit exclaims, driving his foot into the crotch of the super drained super hero. Suit insists that Mutant is detained by a superior man. As Mutant Man struggles to latch his bicep free of the Suit’s tethering, it is hard to argue that Suit has won the battle. Suit spreads Mutant out in a display of defeat and finishes his undoing of the once powerful Mutant Man by taking the one thing the former hero has left, his mask.

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