Season 23 Episode 4: Super Men 6.2




The hero Magnifico! is aghast when, the wicked Finisher strides into his hideout. The villains evil heart pumps furiously at the site of his long stalked prey. The resident malice that dwells deep inside the Finisher’s bones ripples through his cartoonish muscle structure, funneling out through the tips of his ruggedly dark shaded chest hair. The evil drips off Finisher’s evil hairy body in beads of sweat that pollinate the ground of Magnifico’s not so secret chamber.


The Finisher is not content with exposing Magnifico’s location alone. Had he less of an appetite for total domination, perhaps unearthing one of earth’s greatest secrets would be enough. The Finisher transcends superlative, but conservation and humility are two virtues the thoroughbred dominator will never claim to be owner of. Nay, the stygian sadist seeks ownership of a far more carnal prize; should the villain’s plan be realized he will taste the power of the Magnifico! by extracting the hero’s semen and imbibing it.


Executing such a sinister plot hammers the pillars of morality that already barely balance the foundation of the world upon a glass precipice. Finisher has ascended the malefic mountain of sin and stands poised to shatter the precariously positioned rudiments of purity underneath his black leather boots. He starts by grabbing Magnifico! by the balls, wrenching them from the safety of Magnifico’s blue trunks. Being the Magnifico! is suspend in a spine-crushing torture rack, he has little say in the matter of his super nuts being pounded, pinched and punished. Yet more does the mystery man renounce authority over his own body when Finisher easily incites an erection in the hero, via humping, Bear-hugging action! Magnifico! is mercilessly stroked for his juices. Despite fighting back for a while and exchanging Head-scissor holds with Finisher, the world’s last best hope is fading fast. A wicked arsenal of ball-busting, cock jerking, body wrenching techniques is focused solely and gluttonously on Magnifico! Finally the moment can only produce more fulfillment for the Finisher, by doing what he does best and finishing his opponent. Savoring some final elements of gloss on his fantasy scene, Finisher prepares to milk his victim for all he is worth. He protracts some 69 action before dropping to his knees, Magnifico! clutched tightly, victim to a neck-breaking Piledriver! Magnifico! is finally powerless to prevent the removal of his mask which will yet drain more of his power as well as revealing his identity (as if his assailant was not already privy to such details). Consummating the anointment of his evil machinations, Finisher compels an explosive cum shot from Magnifico! Ultimate power is finally at the villain’s fingertips and lapping up every last drop, descent into a new world order of sadism and sodomy begins!

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