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Season 10 Episode 6: Super Men 3.1




In the golden age of spandex clad heroes, there stood an unbeatable duo of crime fighters. They were Super Stud and Wonder Man. Together they thwarted the nefarious Suit's numerous attempts to acquire the power of the Alpha. The Suit was forever reaching for a power he could not grasp and eternally spiteful that true Alpha Men would stand in his way, hoarding their genetic gifts for themselves. Thus, the Suit would rise to seize his triumph until opposed by the Super duo, that invariably would banish him back to the darkness from whence he came, where like a shadow, he would recede, slithering into a safe hiding place, to lurk and scheme, devising plans for the quest of the forbidden fruit. And so the cycle would repeat with ever increasing stakes.


The Suit However, was not the only foe of justice. In fact he was but a name on a list when compared to the terror induced by one particular super villain, Vane. The calamity causing legend possessed an Alpha power so uninhibited that he could not be destroyed; instead Vane was frozen and his power was sealed. Even the incomplete job was considered to be the greatest achievement of Super Stud and Wonder Man and after the threat was pacified, Wonder Man and Super Stud were able to retire and leave the inevitable machinations of the Suit in the hands of the new Super Stud, protege to the first of his name.


As time passed by, the Suit's thirst for power continued to grow and before long, he had developed a serum that could possess the mind of an Alpha and make them slaves to their inner-most desires. It was the Suit's conjecture that an untapped Alpha would have impulses very much in line with his own, and he was sure he could more easily manipulate that sort of rageful beast than a law abiding super man. It was an amazement of novelty that the Suit felt when his lusting for Alpha power seemed to at long last be sated; he had successfully duped the naive Super Stud into ingesting his wicked potion that birthed Super Heel and there before him stood a true god. He would soon learn that a god is not easily controlled and his plans would need to be adjusted dramatically. The puppet master pulled many strings from the shadows after his failure to secure the ultimate Alpha power. He deceived and betrayed the new Super Stud, leaving him to bear the full wrath of Super Heel. He led Aqua Bryce down a similar path and evn finished the young hero off himself. Through his instigations, many of the greatest super men were eliminated, others were left weakened and defeated.

At the end of the carnage there is a well thought out plan which the Suit now sets into full motion, with the ultimate goal of releasing the fearsome force of Vane once more. Vane, the product of Nazi Aryan research was designed to be the perfect specimen in every way. The Suit is sure that his new muscle potency enhancing serum that he has mixed with hypno-liquid, should grant him control over the most powerful force known to man, and all he has to do is locate Vane.


There is only one man in the world that knows where Vane is kept as a frozen captive, and that man is Wonder Man. Suit is resourceful beyond measure; having tools at his disposal for every variety of situation. There is but one method however, to break a super hero and it is the most effective and only guaranteed path to probing information. The Suit sneak attacks Wonder Man in a bath house, and assaults his nutsack. No matter how super a man is, he cannot fend off repeated shots to his balls without cracking, although Wonder Man's determination to keep the secret out of the hands of Suit makes his suffering that much more enjoyable. Suit Rips, tears and shakes Wonder Man's balls down, thoroughly dissecting the muscle bound hero. All fight eventually evaporates as Wonder Man gasps for air in between each crotch shot. With all of his courage he struggles to endure major ball sack abuse, trying desperately to keep his lips sealed. Under the pressure of having his beaten and bruised balls ripped away from his dick, Wonder Man relinquishes the address of the warehouse at which Vane is subdued. Suit rewards Wonder Man by sparing what nuts he has left and further gifts him with a hypno-kiss, turning the wounded hero into his personal muscle slave. As one is left wondering how even a super hero survived with his balls intact, the Aryan sculpture becomes visible; Suit doses Vane with his special serum and unbinds the shackled Alpha, as Vane's muscles mutate into hulking perfection.

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