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Season 16 Episode 6: Super Men 4.2




Super Stud arrives on a gruesome crime scene. Bodies have been sucked, drained of their life force. The culprit is still in the vicinity, in fact, it seems he is waiting for the S stud to arrive. “I’ve become a monster; I need you to take me away from all the citizens,” the being confesses. Ever naïve and righteous, Super Stud offers to take the monster away. “Hold on!” S Stud offers, signaling towards flight. “Don’t mind if I do!” Parasyte latches on!


The Parasyte takes Stud by surprise and starts sucking his power. Parasyte feels the well of strength that is the reserve of Super Stud’s power. The mysterious villain dips his greedy hands into the well and draws forth drop after drop of Stud’s power. When Parasyte is satiated he tests his new power, tossing Super Stud around like a rag doll declaring, “I am the new super power!” Stud is left in a pile of drained defeat.


Later on, at Rush’s apartment, Super Stud is resolving to remain as Damien Rush until he figures out a plan to deal with this new threat. Unfortunately for him, Parasyte is there lying in wait. Before Rush can even finish buttoning his dress shirt over his costume Parasyte traps him and power draining zzz hold. As rush fights the drain he wonders “How is this possible?” Parasyte explains he possesses Damien’s thoughts and power and now he has his secret as well.


Parasyte Drains Super Stud with lots of body on body contact. Parasyte’s budding erection can be scene forming underneath his spandex gear. The Parasyte uses pec claws, bear hugs and ball grabs to drain the most energy at once. Parasyte seems partial to a mounted frontal zzz hold, where he can thrust on top of Super Stud for an ever more euphoric absorption. When the draining is done Parasyte carries Super Stud off to his lair…


Super Stud wakes up in chains, stripped down to his trunks. Parasyte begins his first full feeding and beating session in the privacy of his own lair. There is no shortage of bearhugs, zzz’s, cock draining ball grabs, and nipple torturing pec claws, as Parasyte drains every last drop of power from Super Stud.

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