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Season 24 Episode 3: Super men 6.3



Dr. Nefaro is a total loser. Since birth he has been a socially inept dweeb, feeling more at home in front of a computer than a person. He always resented how freely the genetically gifted jocks drifted through life, and even in his young school years developed an unhealthy obsession with their muscles and the power they commanded. 

Eventually, through use of different conceptions of his, and diabolical schemes, he was able to get his hands all over stud muscles, and use their bodies as he pleased- Which was the dawn of his life as a villain. 

It was inevitable that such a heinous criminal would draw the eyes of the cities anvil jawed super hero- And tonight the hunky hero is springing into action to put an end to the perverted criminals reign.

The thrill of being manhandled by perfect contest shape muscles, slowly dissipates and is replaced by pain as the hero savagely throws him around- Exacting some justice and punishment on him for all he heinous crimes before he hauls him off to jail.

However Dr. Nefaro was prepared for the hero this night- It having been his intention to lure him to his lair the entire time. Taking a moment while the hero's guard is down, he puts on a dastardly creation of his- the power glove- and low blows the super man with artificial strength. 

Dazed, the hero is attacked, his muscles assailed with all too much pleasure by Nefaro, who is capitalizing on the effectiveness of his glove, as well as his opponents aching balls. He slams the hero down, gloating, and is stunned when the hero fights back, recovering faster than calculated.

The two tangle with one another, exchanging wrestling moves, though it becomes clear that the hero is rapidly recovering, and will soon have Nefaro at his mercy again. Knowing this, Nefaro reveals the lynchpin of his master plan- and plays video footage to the stud of his kidnapped girlfriend- Making it clear that he needs to simmer down and surrender to him, lest he want the love of his life to be killed.

Disgusted and humbled, the hero complies, and chokes back repulsion as he is made to drink down a repulsive concoction that immediately make his muscles go placid, rendering him a total victim to the perverted villain. 

Nefaro reveals that in addition to the trump card of the entire evening being his master plan that the hero had unwittingly walked into, that it was also all being broadcast for the whole world to see so that every person on earth could see their champion defeated. For good measure he assails the hero further, working over his perfect but helpless muscles, before seizing the camera in his own hands and providing a torture cam angle for all to see, choking the hero out and unmasking his handsome, but broken face.

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