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Season 26 Episode 2: Super Men 7.1



The ultimate alpha hero is on the scene to punish the nefarious suit, causing havoc. The hero is a mountain of muscle, confidently striding into any crime scene with certainty he can resolve the situation. When the Suit does not submit he bearhugs and overpowers him with ease. However what the hunk didn't suspect, was the Suits wicked ball zapping technology. He buzzes the balls with electric shocks until the powerful muscles sag in weakness, and the Suit takes advantage of the weakness to explore and punish any and every muscle. The heros confidence gives way to pained yells as he is tormented, ultimately being put out by the merciless super villain. 


The end of the hero’s resolve marks the inception of the Suit’s ultimate goal, turning mounded muscular bodies to the plots of his devising. The revision process of the good guy brain will take a fair amount of ball shock therapy, for which the Suit has adequate patience and passion. Suit knows the core of a hero’s power localizes from between the legs; the monumental muscle hero should have checked his super suit ere he donned the mantle of city protector. For all his striated bouldering musculature and forth flowing features of handsome masculinity, Mr. Super is but a big brick of putty in Suit’s soiled hands. The nerdy costumed fringe freak is filling his filthy fantasies with what’s now mannequin muscle, pacified by repeated high frequency testicle targeting waves. Suit, satisfied with his handiwork, gratifies himself further by broadcasting the humiliation of Mr. Super for the entire world to witness.

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