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Season 31 Episode 1: Super Men 8



There's a fire! At least thats what the Finisher wants the earnest hero rushing to the scene to think. However unbeknownst to the young hero, the Finisher is one of the most malicious villains- His goal is simple, to obtain the power of better men. His means are among the most vile imaginable though, to weaken the hero with whatever weaknesses he's unearthed before suckling their power from them through their super-sperm.

He sets to his task quickly, rather than being overpowered he unleashes a ring to weaken his opponent. As the power scale tips, he begins to manhandle the hero, throwing him around and contorting his physique, breaking it down. He fondles every inch of the now helpless hero, greedily probing what he knows will soon be his. 

He unmasks the hero, revealing the youthful face, with equal parts terror and ecstasy flashing across it.

Once his hands reach the weakened studs super-cock he can hardly contain himself, jerking and working it villainously, knowing that with all inhibitions gone, it wont be long until he can lap up the succulent juices, completing his absorption of the once invincible heroes power.

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