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Season 8 Episode 8: Super Men 2.2

After his Super Suit guided him to victory against Punish Man, an exuberant Aqua Bryce scouts out a base of operation for his newly established league of heroes. The lurking ‘Suit’, having stalked the steps of the young hero reveals himself to Aqua Bryce and nonchalantly commends him on the location. Not forgetting his betrayal of Super Stud, the new super hero is reluctant to trust the man in black. In a show of good will, the Suit informs Bryce of the predicament- Super Heel on one side, and the new alpha, Supremacist on the other. As the Suit whispers the tale of this young alpha prince, Supremacist, into aqua Bryce’s ear, the scene begins to play out in his mind…


At the heart of the planet of the Alphas, Supremacist invites a young warrior, Tidus, to a sparring session. Tidus, fierce but unpolished as a fighter has forgotten his sword in his haste to engage in combat. A self-assured supremacist tosses his blade to his partner, only for it to break as it is swung against his super powered arms- Hardened by years of grooming.  Supremacist stays tightly coiled around Tidus, always one step ahead. Supremacist indulges in the idea of a light sparring session until Tidus tries a handful of body shots. The young Warriors vigor incites a fire inside Supremacist who quickly relinquishes the idea of light sparring, in favor of total mind and body domination. Displaying his prowess as a ruler and the strongest man on the planet, Supremacist extinguishes young Tidus’ warrior flame and submits him to his will, the will for him to assassinate his father, the final obstacle in his path to kingship.

Disturbed at this vision of Supremacist’s vicious character, Bryce pleads with the Suit about what can be done. Reassuring the youthful hero, he explains that the ones who destroyed the Prince’s planet was the famous ‘doctor’ and none other than the old Super Stud- Now Super Heel. The Masked man assures him that with his private investigations, he’ll have enough information to devise a plan to pit the two alpha’s, Super Heel and Supremacist against one another. Not forgetting his misgivings, Bryce stops the ‘ex-villain’ as he leaves and places a gloved hand on his new mask, but finds no evil thoughts as he reads his mind.

The Suits first information gathering session takes place at the abode of the World’s Strongest Man who is suddenly weakened when the Suit stops time to get a firm grip on his balls. The stunned muscle god is quickly at the mercy of the Suit, who takes the opportunity to feel up every inch of his muscle before beginning the interrogation. When the suit wants his questions answered he thrusts hard into the beautiful black muscles, his fists ever clenched around his victims sack.  Deciding all that muscle may become a valuable asset, the Suit smothers the big man with his enslavement kiss, made all the more potent by his firm grip on his balls.


Forty minutes jam packed, with masks, lycra, studs, ball grabs, wrestling, and super powers!

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