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Morgan Cruise

Morgan is available for:

-Custom matches

-Private matches

-Cam sessions

-Custom Videos

Book him by:


-Messaging him on Skype:

List of Matches:

Alpha Seduction 1

Young Bryce Barrigan meets up with his mentor Jason Rhodes (AKA Morgan Cruz) on hopes to learn from the best.

Cruise Vs. Law

What do you think happens when the disciplined muscle bull and the Mastodon come head to head?

BDSM Ball Bash 1 

Damien inappropriately tries to grab Morgan's package, and suffers the very dire consequences.

Meaty Muscle Massacre 1

Newcomer Mateus Shogun gets shooled in the ways of Muscle Domination Wrestling in a special lesson in the ring with Morgan Cruise

Hairy He Men 1

Find out whether the mightly Mastadon can be defeated.

Meaty Muscle Massacre 2

Morgan "Mastodon" Cruise gives Tony Law a humiliating beatdown in the MDW ring.

Fantasy Heels 1 

Carlos applies to become the Mastodon's new protégé.

Big Bear Hugs 1

Damien Rush and Morgan Cruise face off, this time to see who can best beat the screams out of their token jobber.

BDSM Ball Bash 3

Hunter James learns the golden rule; never grab the Mastodon, unless you are prepared to be grabbed back.

Painting the Jobber Red 2

"The Justin" is the first rookie to make us see red.

Tag Team Torment 1

Mastodon and the Muscle Master Kevin storm the ring, turning grunts of strain into screams of pain for Tony Law and Tidus

Costume Bouts 1 

Fresh meat Shawn Cody was looking for a couple extra bucks. One craigslist ad later and the stud found himself at Morgan Cruises ranch, geared up in a jock as requested.

Costumed Bouts 3

When God Pharaoh Cruise is confronted by slave Cody, asking for a one on one trial by combat, he humors the notion. What slave Cody gets is an unfair beatdown

Tag Team Torment 2

Hunter James, a well known beta-bitch, on campus takes humor in testing the alpha studs patience as he applies.

Gladiator 1

The slave has given in; he begins to vigorously jerk his big, gladiator dick.

Gorilla Press 1 

The gorilla press is the ultimate show of strength and dominance and with it Mastodon flaunts his Alpha Superiority.

Daddy's Home 7

Rock hard Morgan Cruise announces impending domination. Cocky as ever, Cruise has no clue that his opponent will be an equally unfelled wrestler by the name of Matt ‘Daddy’ Thrasher.

Hazed and Humiliated 5

An unjust fightclub owner (Cruise) competes monthly in a wrestling tournament to determine a champion within the ranks of black market affairs.


The most erotic ZZZ match ever, with twink James jerking his cock with Cruise's arms wrapped tight around his neck.

BDSM Ball Bash 5 

An epic battle of Brawn and Balls featuring Morgan Cruise and Darius.

Super Men 2.4 

Supremacist has annihilated every superhero on the planet except fpr Aqua Bryce, But does the surprise return of Super Stud spell defeat?

Back Buster 4

Morgan Cruise is back and he is taking it to the tight ass rookie Joey Carter.

Daddy's Home 3 

Rookie sensation Cal Bennett finds his way into the ring with the Mastodon Morgan Cruise.

Super Men 5.1

Riddle Man has tainted Bat Stud’s tonic, leaving the masked hero and his gorgeous muscles at the mercy of the dweeby spandex predator.

Super Men 6.2

The Finisher pulverizes the hero Magnifico! then jerks and orally drains him of every drop of his super powered cum.

Hairy He men 4

The ultimate alpha male Morgan Cruise continues to seek out the biggest and the best to face him in the ring.

Super Men 6.3

Our Hero has tracked down the evil dweeb Dr. Nefaro and is ready to punish him. Little does he know he is about to be filmed, tortured, and unmasked in a diabolical scheme to broadcast his defeat to the world.

Super Men 6.4

Magnifico is back and keen on getting revenge on the Finisher, by draining his cock to retrieve his super powers, and he is willing to grind, stroke, and suck to make it happen.

Six Pack Bash 10

A villainous and frail dweeb is dead set on working over and punishing total alpha hunk Brad Barnes and his ​tanned up contest shape physique- Making sure by the end of the punishment it was his thin frame getting worshipped by the stud.

Super Men 8

The Finisher gets his hands all over the earnest hero, suckling his power from his super cock in the hottest Super Men yet.

Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 9.39.16 AM.png

BDSM Ball Bash 7

Cruise gives rookie Drake Raven a lesson in how control over vulnerable balls and a stiff cock makes a man putty in ones hands.


Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 6.20.45 AM.png

Six Pack Bash 12

Morgan Cruise is an out of control Heel- All too eager to interrupt Braden's workout with some abdominal punishment.

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 7.26.51 PM.jpg

Fantasy Heels 11

Fan Favorite, Zack, displays his wrestling prowess- unleashing power moves that demand worship.


Super Men 9

A repugnant villain gets even with Power Daddy Matt Thrasher, laying him low and draining his power through contact.


Super Men 11

Cruise lays low the usually invincible Super Stud, grabbing his super-balls and chaining him up for his own enjoyment.

Screenshot 2024-02-01 at 1.32.30 AM.png

ZZZ 22

All American stud Tony is laid low and splayed out in his hot jock in this ass spread zzz match!

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