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Season 37 Episode 2: Fantasy Heels 11



Morgan Cruise is looking lean; he is also looking for his next opponent, who turns out to be hairy hulking muscle god Zach Altovito. Zach impresses with outstanding size and absolute power. Cruise struggles to find his footing while being stomped, scooped, and slammed by his more powerful foe. Between piledrivers and body slams, Zach compels Cruise to worship his enormous muscular body, which Morgan does without missing an inch of the furry landscape.  

One arm is more than enough for Altovito to toss Morgan around like a sack of potatoes. Helpless and hopeless, Cruise submits over and over unable to withstand the fearsome strength of Zach, who ragdolls Cruise in an unprecedented display of sheer dominance. 

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