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Season 8 Episode 1: BDSM Ball Bash 5

Morgan Cruise is looking beefier, more muscular and still more handsome. But even with all his new bulk he has some stiff competition in pure, 100% shredded muscle beef, Darius. Acknowledging with his eyes, the hardness and density of Mr. Black Muscles, Crusie gives verbal compliments on Darius's physique but backhands his statement with an addendum, "something about you gives me the vibe that you can't wrestle" Morgan gets in Darius's face staring him down, trying to intimidate the beautiful black muscle god.


Darius is dauntless however and engages The Mastodon in an intense stare down. Things get serious and the palpable tension bursts into a powerful lockup, whereupon Darius slaps on a guns loaded side headlock. Cruise attempts to shake it off by leaning the muscle beast into the ropes for added momentum. The first attempt proves fruitless, as Darius retains total control, threatening to crush a crater sized hole into Morgan's head. Morgan manages a few backstrikes and loosens the grip, again leaning into the ropes and sending Darius full speed ahead, relieving the stress on his kneck; he has no time to rest however, as Darius charges off the opposite ropes and pelts him with a crushing clothesline.


Starting to exhibit the ability to tame the Mastodon, Darius naively agrees to a mercy lock up with the fuming Cruise. As might be expected, the hairy heel abandons the lock up to descend his foot into the most vulnerable part of the might muscle man, his balls.


Morgan follows a crumpling Darius to the mat, cupping the 200 pound bodybuilder by the croth and striking his own hand to send shockwaves all through the red posing trunks encased package. The Mastodon, now in the zone of control he is used to, takes a moment to stike a few poses over his violated opponent. Most men that face Morgan, would by now, be surrending to fate; no one has beaten the Mastadon since his debut and the legend of his invincibilty grows with every match. Darius appears to be of a different breed, there is a raging beast coursing through his road map veins that hungers for the feast of victory. When Cruise applies a leg in, perpendicular abdominal stetch, abandoing the balls for a few moments, Darius allows his limbs and abs to suffer while his sack recovers. His willingness to take pain to give pain opens up a slick leg scissor counter. Cruise, Incredulous that the muscle man has not yet been submitted to his will, finds himself trapped in the unbeilievabely developed legs of Darius. Once again applying the aid of momentum, Morgan flips his way out and into a surefire hold, in the form of a back entrance ball grab, to regain control of the match. 

Pursuing a more methodical deconstruction, the Mastodon employs savage smothering tactics, holding onto Darius's balls with one hand, while striking his body hard and often with the other. To capitalize on the weakened condition of Darius, Cruise applies his most devastating move, the bearhug, hoping it is the icing on the cake to set the match to Cruise control. But Darius is more resilient than any opponent the hairy he-man has ever faced, and slips the bearhug into quick cradle pin where he gets a two count. In a blind range Morgan lashes at Darius and throws him in a side headlock, only to be lifted for a side slam and thrown back on his ass. After the adrenaline from his burst of offense simmers down Darius feels the sting in his balls once again and uses his time with Morgan on the mat to recover. Morgan, driven by his tenacity, shrugs off the pain of impact and lunges at Darius, violently and brutally yanking him from his vertical posture, into a vicious back breaker that sets Cruise up for the ball grab, which he emphatically digs in, clearly pissed at Darius's obstinance.

Back in control, Cruise re-establishes a full body assault, using the ball weakening blows, twists and squeezes, as big muscle man kryptonite; first crushing the sack then delivering hard shots to the abs and biceps of Darius, alongside full of meat pec claws. He mounts Darius, thrusts his own balls in his face, and leans back to grab, what is now becoming his to grab whenever he wants. At last, Cruise has Darius where he wants him and the dauntless muscle man is beginning to fade, until that is, Darius resorts to playing the Mastodon's game and reaches to grab himself a handful of Mastodon nuts. Invigorated by his sudden initiation to the dark side, Darius flips Crusie into a reverse, upside down, ball squeezing bearhug. His efforts are short lived however, as accumulation of testicle torture begins to wear on the big man's power and cardio. In a half recovered state Cruise picks up the pace and shows why he is undefeatable, arriving at the conclusion that he cannot toy with the big bodybuilder nor leave him any openings; He takes things to the mat and sticks his hairy body firmly to Darius, exchanging his entire power based strategy in favor of a grapple based, ball grab game plan. Tight body scissors and nelson accompany ab, pec, and ball claws as the Mastodon focuses the punishment.

"In spite of all this muscle, I'm not going to get distracted, because there's one part of you, let's face it, it's quite the more vulnerable than all the rest. You still feel like flexing?" Cruise gives insight into exactly how he plans to break Darius down while maintaining a firm grip on those balls. Cruise puts on muscle pounding clinic, blending in every form of conceivable ball abuse, to keep the black muscle god off his feet and under the control of the Mastodon. Darius has the spirit of a champion but Cruise displays a clear intent to crush the man's warrior spirit, along with his balls, until he submits like all the rest.

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