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Season 20 Episode 3: Hairy He Men 4




Sometimes successful men get impatient looking for a challenge; felling ranks of lower tier individuals can get tedious, monotonous and boring. That’s why ultimate alpha male Morgan Cruise continues to seek out the biggest and the best to face him in the ring and provide the Mastodon with a real challenge. Luckily MDW houses the most massive goliath in any wrestling promotion, namely resident bodybuilder killer the Mountain. Cocky Cruise has fought many bigger men before but he gives up over 200 pounds and nearly 7 inches of height to this sumo beast; perhaps this time Morgan is biting off more than he can chew. It certainly is a tough fight to bet on as neither man likes to lose and both have a stupendous aptitude for winning big matches.

Mountain is off to a strong start cinching up a hammer lock, then a tight side headlock, emphasizing the size difference between the competitors. Morgan tries to loosen the big man’s grip but stays suffering squeezed up against the Mountain’s massive chest. Mountain nearly snaps Cruise’s arm in half, battering it with big shots, until the hairy chested stud manages to counter Mountain’s hold and apply a side-headlock of his own. Cruise’s offense is short-lived as Mountain propels him into the ropes and shoulder tackles Cruise.

Morgan acknowledges Mountain head start and focuses on resetting. After gathering his composure Cruise comes out firing with hard blows to Mountain’s big belly. Leave it to the master he-man wrestler to regroup and find a viable strategy, no matter the opponent. Cruise batters Mountain all the way across the ring into the corner where he lays in thicker forearms and shoulders, all to his opponent’s super-sized torso. This is effective until the fat beast counters Cruise with a heavy gut stomp and sends him crashing into one turnbuckle then the next.


The match’s first cover comes after Mountain power slams Morgan to the mat. At barely a two count, the Mastodon shows he has plenty of fight left in him, which leads Mountain to work on some submission holds. Each time Cruise powers out he is met with heavy hands that send him back to the mat. Mountain starts unloading with right hands, which Cruise welcomes as his fighter spirit begins to stir. Waving in big shots from the Mountain proves ill-advised however when one of the big man’s forearm shivers nearly knocks Cruise out.


Morgan mounts a comeback with more belly targeting attacks. Feeling frisky, the hairy heel also delivers some corner splashes, which Mountain repays before long. Morgan is crazy enough to enter another forearm exchanging battle, which Mountain again gets the better of due to his enormous frame. In a sheer explosion of rage Morgan manages to take Mountain off his feet with a thunderous clothesline, but is unable to make Mountain submit with his follow up rear Chin-lock. A thumb to the eye allows the dirty heel to recover from more Mountain abuse.

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