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Season 3 Episode 5: BDSM Ball Bash 3 

WARNING: This match contains full frontal nudity and sex acts. Viewer discretion advised.

Hunter James is practicing his new massage therapy skills on the powerfully built Mastodon. James being the troublemaking jobber boy that he is cannot help himself but cop a feel of the Mastodon's package. He subsequently learns the golden rule; never grab the Mastodon, unless you are prepared to be grabbed back. Morgan defiles Hunter's balls squeezing, punching, stomping and twisting them without remorse.


Mounting Hunter, Cruise give James what he wants, Mastodon nutsack all over his face. The Mastodon claims his jobber boy toy's balls and ass. He mounts his bitch boy over and over until finally James realizes he has lost all control and he must submit to his alpha superior. Hunter James is stripped nude and given a blue ball torture submission. His hard cock is jerked but he is made to withhold his punk spunk, the ultimate torture.

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