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Season 34 Episode 1: BDSM Ball Bash 7



Drake Raven is a rookie with a stiff cock. He can’t help springing his dick every time he gets his ass kicked or taken, but the Mastodon knows that cock is a package deal with a sack, that deserves equal attention and aggression. Right away Morgan is all power, scoop slamming the leopard-jock clad Raven and showing the newbie what a reverse chinlock is before Drake is even given a second to recover from the slam. This is where Raven wants to be, in the clutches of an alpha male, now between his hairy legs, now in a corner post being chopped with knife-edge hands. Morgan wrestles the boy real close. Cruise rests his weight on Raven intermittently, making Drake feel every ounce of his control while their sweat intermingles. “Kiss that bicep! Kiss it better,” Morgan demands of his worshipper.


Cruise gives the rookie a lesson in controlling another man, you grab his nuts and make them putty in your hands. “All my wrestling expertise is wasted on you,” Cruise states as his grip tightens like a noose round the boy’s swelling nuts. Morgan is having fun turning the dials of pleasure and pain, even depriving and supplying oxygen from the overmatched Raven, in course with crotch related punishment. Lifted off the mats from his nutsack, Drake is experiencing a whole new world, as Morgan moves back and forth, alternating wrestling staples with innovative ball bashing offense.


Sitting atop Raven’s back, Morgan leashes the lad with lifting straps and tests the tethers against Raven’s neck. This leads into a camel clutch, where Cruise is positioned to whisper taunts into Drake’s ear while shoving his sweaty bicep alongside the other half of Raven’s nervous face. Cruise continues destroying his new plaything, zoning in those nuts with an absolute plethora of dirty, gritty nastiness, until the viewer starts to wonder how rookie Raven is able to endure such agonizing ecstasy.

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