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Season 3 Episode 3: Big Bear Hugs 1

Damien Rush and Morgan Cruise face off, this time to see who can best beat the screams out of their token jobber. The match centers around one of the Mastodon's signature holds - the bear hug. The two hairy studs apply every bear hug imaginable, front, back, upside down and more. They easily overwhelm the outclassed Ken Bryant, and he slowly begins to look helpess dangling in the air, suspended by their crushing holds.


Morgan and Damien make Ken their plaything tossing him back and forth at their whims, carrying his weight as if he were a feather in their rock hard arms, and even sitting down and relaxing while keeping the bearhug applied.   Ken spends most of majority of thirty minutes involuntarily airborne, squeezed and crushed, beaten and broken. Bryant is ultimately carried out of the ring by Cruise and Rush, lifeless in their arms, all fight squeezed out of him.

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