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Season 16 Episode 1: Daddy's Home 3




Rookie sensation Cal Bennett finds his way into the ring with the Mastodon Morgan Cruise. Cruise is quick to jibe that you need ink to spell twink. Bennett shows up in leopard print jock strap that shows off every inch of the tatted stud’s sweet ass. Morgan’s package is prominent in his white jock. Cruise softens an overmatched Bennett with blows to the abs and back and then settles into an inverted figure four submission. “You think you’re a wrestler?” taunts Cruise. “I’ll show you what you are.” Morgan delivers and over the knee belly buster and spanks Cal’s bare ass. “You gonna say you’re my bitch?” Cal vigorously insists, “I’m no one’s bitch!”


Morgan puts Cal in a crucifix half leg nelson, spreading the Boston stud in a way he’s never been stretched. “I want you to smell my manly pit, tell me how it smells,” Cruise demands while locking on a dragon zzz. “Is it dripping sweat yet?” Cal’s face reddens as he gasps for air. “Hard to get air with my bicep in your throat and my pit hair in your nostrils,” Morgan mocks.


Cal’s ass is exposed in all its glory when Cruise applies a front face lock. “Nice ass you got there,” Morgan remarks. The face lock evolves into a guillotine, seemingly intended to make Cal squirm and flex his ass on and off while he fights the hold. Morgan dives backwards off the ropes, landing a huge elbow to Bennett’s back. The wrestling god then sits his way into a camel clutch before turning it into an improvised bow and arrow. “Now I’m starting to sweat and I’m going to drip it all over you. I’m gonna make you lick it up,” The Mastodon foretells.


Cal is cross-faced where the Mastodon can again relay that he loves that ass on Bennett and that he’ll have fun with it later. Morgan delivers another belly buster, this time keeping Cal right where he drops so the Mastodon can spank his ass. “This is humiliating huh, taking you over daddy’s knee.” Morgan locks in a modified cobra clutch and gets Cal to call him master. “It’s not enough anymore though,” Mastodon explains. “Now you have to call yourself pussy boy!” Bennett resists the notion with a sudden bust of life. Morgan is already mounting Cal and demanding that Bennett say it. A few body splashes from the mounted position are not enough to coax the self-demeaning comments out of Cal. Bennet tries to power out from the bottom but Morgan school boy pins him, getting his jock laden crotch right next to Bennett’s mouth. The inked stud is thrown into a devastating bear hug where he is forced to confess, “I’m Cal Bennett the pussy boy bitch!” Ultimately, as the Mastodon moves in for the kill, Bennet is given an ultimatum; He can agree to get a tattoo that states he is Morgan’s bitch, or he can go out in Cruise’s arms.

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