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Season 18 Episode 1: Gorilla Press 1




True power emanates and resides in only the most Alpha of men. The gorilla press is the ultimate show of strength and dominance. When a true He-man steps into the ring with an unworthy runt, the display of might begins. Morgan demands that young slim twink Charlie get on his knees. Charlie has some attitude and asks if the Mastodon is going to make him. Cruise throws the twink down with one hand and flexes closely over him. The raging Mastodon goes from a fully cranked full nelson to a nasty suplex on the young twink. Then, Charlie is hoisted overhead with immense ease and pressed high into the ceiling.


Charlie is thrown down from way up in the air, all the way down to the mat. The Mastodon rocks the red haired jobber back into a fierce camel clutch, practically bending the poor twink’s spine in half! Early on in the match and the jobber bitch is already screaming in submission. Morgan makes sure to cover the twink’s mouth to cut off any air flow while applying the torturous submission hold.


The Mastodon is relentless and thorough, even taking the time to rub his boot across the sub’s nuts and throwing a few stomps in as well. The emasculation balances out the incredible power plays of the mighty Mastodon. Sadistic and dominant, Morgan overpowers the rookie with an abundance of innovative and painful submissions and of course a plethora of awe-inspiring Gorilla press slams!

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