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Season 5 Episode 1: Costume Bouts 1

Fresh meat Shawn Cody was looking for a couple extra bucks. One craigslist ad later and the stud found himself at Morgan Cruises ranch, geared up in a jock as requested. After some deliberation over the necessity of the jock, Morgan deemed “it was”-


Setting the boy to his days work. Digging deep, ass exposed, Shawn Cody works hard to clean the ranch under the gaze of Cowboy Cruise. A debate over the payment results in Morgan assaulting the beautiful stud, detaining him and teaching him the ways of the wild wild west: Mounting, choking, and pummeling him repeatedly.


Morgan brings Shawn’s gorgeous face to tears with his savagery, before putting him back to work like a stern slave driver. Shawn is made to submit, declaring Cowboy Cruise his daddy before “daddy” puts the boy to bed.

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