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Season 12 Episode 6: Gladiators 1




A Mystery man in a sparkling silver cape and matching kilt sights an oncoming Cleitus, the infamous Lanista, owner of the gladiator slaves. The man, having a want to impress the emperor on his visit is seeking a gladiator that can perform both in and out of the arena. Cleitus assures the man that he has just the right gladiator for the task. The emperor’s visitor likes what he sees and rents the seasoned gladiator for the week, from Cleitus. The masked man informs Marcus, the gladiator slave, that he will retain ownership of him for the week, and that he did not fetch a very high price relative to his accolades in the coliseum. Marcus is stunned, flexes, and states “I am the best.”


The masked man sets the gladiator down a notch, agreeing that Marcus is the best in the arena but reminding him of his inferiority as a slave. “I’m inferior to no one,” Marcus bellows. The masked man laughs off the slave’s arrogance and sets in stone that for the week, he is the master and Marcus, the slave.


“Strip it off!” the masked man issues his first command. “What if I don’t?” Marcus challenges. The mystery man warns that he is not all for show and can put a beat down on the slave if it comes to that. The gladiator shows that he is stronger than the slave owner, but the masked man grabs the slave’s nuts from underneath his kilt, bringing the obstinate slave to attention. Now the Gladiator has no choice but to strip off his kilt; when he does he is rock hard, his gladiator dick shooting straight out in front of him. “Looks like you are impressive,” the slave renter half mocks, half compliments. Once nude, the slave’s attitude shifts a little, as he becomes eager to show off and impress his part time owner. He flexes his arms into an erect front double bicep pose, while the masked man pounds at his biceps, remarking how well his gladiator is going to do.


The emperor’s guest wants to make sure he has full control over his slave property before he sends him into battle and to perform for the emperor. He grabs the gladiator round the cock and begins to stroke asking if the slave understands his position. Marcus still seems to be resisting and therefore needs his balls and muscles beaten, until he understands. Marcus’s cock and balls are tied together, the knot yanked on until the gladiator is bursting. “You’re like my dog now on my fucking leash,” the slave renter observes as he leads the slave around by his balls. Marcus attempts to resist for a moment but is made to regret it as his ball and cock chain is tightened. His balls are grabbed then pulled around until the gladiator ends up over his master’s knee. The masked master grabs the slave’s cock and jerks the gladiator hard, telling him he must submit.

With the gladiator slave becoming less and less resistant, the master wants to test his slave’s flow as well as finish the submission process. He commands the gladiator slave jerk off now, and then again for the emperor. The slave has given in; he begins to vigorously jerk his big, gladiator dick. His master amps up the pressure on those balls and gives extra thrusts to the gladiator cock when he wants to milk the slave. By the time the master and slave are finished, both are happy. The master knows his investment will perform and the slave exhales, “You are definitely my master.”

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