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Season 15 Episode 2: Back Buster 4




Morgan Cruise is back and he is taking it to the tight ass rookie Joey Carter. Carter comes to the ring with plenty of confidence showing off his Calvin Klein underwear. Morgan is quick to put the young punk in his place. A quick hammerlock, shots to the back of the rookie, and a well applied submission sequence has Joey admitting that Morgan is more handsome.


Ax hammer fists start landing to the mid back of Joey Carter. Morgan delivers punishing forearm blows to the small of the back. The predator has zoned in on a target and it’s a sweet one on the ripe young – Jailbait Carter. Stomps to the back and a bow and arrow submission has the young punk Joey calling Morgan Master Mastodon. Morgan rough rides Joey into the corner and straddles that young unsuspecting ass.


The Mastodon starts stretching Carter out in ways he never thought he would bend. Joey’s cries of submission get louder and more frequent. Joey must want the Mastodon meat because he keeps saying Morgan’s name and sticks his ass way up in the air as a means of total submission. The Mastodon rests Joey in a front face lock while battering him with forearms. A side slam has Carter wailing out in pain.


Carter begins to whimper at the power of the man-beast Cruise who continues to apply torturous submission holds without relent. A pendulum swing submission leaves one wondering when Morgan is simply going to take that ass. Joey cries in pain and submission but the Mastodon will not listen; he hoists Joey into a tight bear hug and lays waste to the rookie’s lower back and ass. When play time is over the Mastodon throws Joey into a long torture rack submission and drives out the words “Joey Carter is the Mastodon’s Bitch!”

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