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Season 21 Episode 5: Daddy's Home 7 





This episode contains nudity and explicit sex acts between consenting adults.  Viewer discretion is advised.

Rock hard, ripped up Morgan Cruise announces impending domination. Cocky as ever, Cruise has no clue that his opponent will be an equally unfelled wrestler by the name of Matt ‘Daddy’ Thrasher. Perhaps Morgan is prophesizing his own domination this time. Thrasher arrived just in time to catch the end of Cruise’s cocky speech; the hot dad is casually dressed in a muscle t and khaki shorts. Morgan makes light of the fact that his opponent will be someone nearly twice his age. The Mastodon declares his youth and virility to which Thrasher calmly acknowledges as if ready to teach a lesson about from where true power and dominance emanates.


Matt discards his tank top, flexing his hard and hairy muscle body Cruise’s direction. Morgan is clearly impressed but flexes his muscles right back. Dad and son feel each other’s guns, comparing size and hardness. The two are clearly impressed by what the other brings to the table but it comes time to get down to business. Thrasher wants to show the young wrestler his strength right off the bat, to let the Mastodon know this dad can go. Morgan feels Thrasher’s strength with shock and awe, finding himself on his knees at Matt’s feet. In disbelief Morgan has another go but the results are unchanged. This is not the first time Cruise has been outmatched in sheer strength though and as much as he enjoys being the brute powerhouse in the match he can assume whichever role necessary to get the job done, even if it means resorting to dirty tactics. But something is strikingly different about giving up strength to a young bodybuilder opponent versus being weaker than someone Morgan moments before was calling “over the hill.”


Thrasher is not surprised to find his strength superior, beckoning Cruise to hit him with his best shot. Daddy shoots a focused look in Morgan’s direction, never breaking eye contact as he strips down to his black jock strap. Morgan’s ‘best shot’ is caught, his arm pinned behind his back, and Daddy retains control. “You are going to learn a lesson today you little shit.” Thrasher is commanding with his foot atop Morgan’s back, pinning him to the mat. “You are going to be Daddy’s bitch,” Thrasher continues as he mounts Morgan from behind and yanks the youngster by the hair so that he’s whispering in his ear. Cruise’s ripped body is stretched to full display by Daddy, who enjoys his top position, stringing together a choke Camel Clutch, Surfboard and ZZZ hold in succession.

Daddy allows Morgan back to his feet, where the Mastodon regains his breath and asserts “I’m not going to be your bitch.” Matt respond by grabbing Cruise hard by the balls as if to say yes you will be my bitch. Morgan gets stretched into a full split and humped hard crotch to crotch while spread eagled to max capacity. The wizened Thrasher, stretches, mounts, spreads and humps Cruise in many a position before shoving his bicep in Cruise’s face obliging him to lick and kiss the muscle. “Daddy likes that, you know you like it too.”


Having dominated Cruise in a way the young wrestler has never felt, Thrasher senses the growing submission within his boy. Stroking his muscles, Matt reaches into Morgan’s jock and finds Cruise’s hard cock. Thrasher whips out his ring bound dick, slapping it around Cruise’s face. Muscle boy chokes on Daddy’s hard cock, pinned and helpless with dick down his throat. Thrasher spits in Morgan’s mouth preparing it for more cock ramming.


“You thought you could take me,” Thrasher mocks as he slides his oiled cock up and down Cruise’s bubble butt. Dad spanks his boy and strips him fully nude. “You’re getting the full daddy treatment today,” he hums while removing his own jock and sliding right into Cruise’s perfect ass. Thrasher pounds away, choking Cruise for extra leverage. Heavy sighs escape from Morgan as he’s humped hard by his daddy. Thrasher is plenty sweaty in the heat of ecstasy but demands to be oiled nonetheless so he can have his muscles gleaming while kissed and worshipped. He slides his fingers in Morgan’s ass while Cruise kisses his biceps.


Thrasher gets ready to bust his load, thrusting harder and harder in his boy. “You’ll get a nice big load from daddy and then you’ll really be my bitch.” Daddy strokes his cock in tandem with his boy’s before shoving his dick down Morgan’s throat where he shoots his load on a cock choked Cruise. Daddy is so turned on he can only think about round 2, carrying cruise off over his shoulder to a comfier spot where he can continue his lesson in Daddy dominance.

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