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Season 36 Episode 3: Six Pack Bash 12



Owning a wrestling ring is a business unto itself. Time in the facility is coveted by legions of men. After all, which man has never secretly dreamed of being the strongest that ever lived, a legacy etched in the stitching of time, a record never to be forgotten. The bonds of men live through contests of strength, a fact most assiduously capitalized on by the boss of MDW, who routinely rents ring time to any that can pay the price. Where the pot begins to stir is in the devious intention with which the boss schedules applicants for their time in the underground dojo. Deliberately, Master Kevin books multiple guys for the same frame of time, inevitably and invariably leading to disputes that conveniently enough, are in the perfect place to find a resolution, all while being filmed for the mass’s entertainment. 


In a day that showcases a typical, ring-related incident, bodybuilder Braden is ripping his chiseled abs to perfection, each raise of his knees coiling the folds of granite that comprise his wonderful midsection. Charron is ready for his final ab exercise but a boxer is holding up the ring without a sign of vacating soon. Braden hollers a friendly enough request to boxer Morgan Cruise, offering that Cruise switch to hitting the heavy bag outside the ring so Charron can get his workout done. The Mastodon makes plainly evident his intent to persist in monopolizing the ring but decides he can share the space after all with Braden (and his beautiful abs) as his new punching bag.

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