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Braden Charron

List of Matches:

Glove Fetish Beatdown 3

Braden, invigorated by the feel of his new gloves, punishes and pulverizes the body of his far frailer prey.


The Boss and Braden Charron face off in a match that has Charron paying a visit to the sandman.

Bodybuilder Humiliation 1

Braden Charron is prime grade a beef sitting atop the food chain; he is the predator and everyone else the prey. That is until The Mountain gets in his way.

Oil Hunks 2

Men are split in two factions: the guys with the muscle body and the guys that want to get their hands all over that muscle. See both in this episode that pushes the envelope.

Back Busters 2

Pretty boy Joey Carter's spine gets punishment from a 100% heel, beefed up Braden Charron.

Super Men 3.1

The suit assaults Wonder Man's package until he gets exactly what he wants out of him.

Super Men 3.3

The epic battle of Good vs Evil continues as Wonder Man jumps into the battle.

Super Men 3.4

Vain punishes and pulverizes Wonderman.

Meaty Muscle Massacre 5

When a two-hundred twenty pound, massive bodybuilder, cannot hide his shock at discovering the magnitude of his opponent, it indicates what a man-beast the opponent is.

Fantasy Heels 5

Contest ready Braden Charron and tatted rookie hunk Cal Bennett are sharing the weight room (also the mat wrestling room) at MDW headquarters

Power Move Punishment 4

Two muscle bound strong men, Braden Charron and Darius are set to go head to head for the first time ever.

Six Pack Bash 9

Braden slams his fist into Boston accented hunk Carter Alexander’s sweet six pack.

Backbuster 5

Adorable jobber twink Tony Law eagerly rushes the ring and demands to know why his opponent Braden Charron is “so tiny.” and calls him “a chump", Big mistake.

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 12.25.38

Oil Hunks 15

Cocky Braden commands Xander to oil him up, but Xander quickly wises up and decides its time to turn the tables and be the one who's serviced.

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 6.59.27 PM.jpg

Oil Hunks 19

Contest shape Braden and hairy hunk Damien square off in the ring in a contest of strength, size, and power.

Meaty Muscle Massacre 8

Flash Lacash treats a contest shape Braden to a vigorous punishment session- Stretching him out and breaking him down good.

thumbnail_Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 3.07

ZZZ 17

Master Kevin converts contest shape Braden Charron into his personal foot massager with the methods he knows best.

Oil Hunks 14

The immense egos of Joey Justice and Braden collide in the ring, and the contest to see who will be oiling who ensues.

Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 6.20.45 AM.png

Six Pack Bash 12

Morgan Cruise is an out of control Heel- All too eager to interrupt Braden's workout with some abdominal punishment.


ZZZ 20

Enormous physiques are on display! Big Braden and hunky Damien square off to see who the ultimate masked fighter is.

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