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Season 17 Episode 1: Backbuster 5




Adorable jobber twink Tony Law eagerly rushes the ring and demands to know why his opponent is “so tiny.” The misguided twink happens to be referencing the big powerhouse bodybuilder Braden Charron. Tony Calls Braden “a chump,” and tells him to “step in the cage!” Charron Crushes Tony with a furious forearm. The jobber gets up quickly but Braden is there to hoist and slam him hard into the mat. The rainbow twink packs a ton of fight this time out, getting back to his feet through Charron’s vicious chokes.


The hunks clinch, exchanging knees. The bodybuilder muscles his prey into the corner with a big bear hug. Law wrenches his way out of the bear hug after a lengthy struggle. Charron pacifies the jobber with a massive power slam followed by a Boston crab. Tony escapes and lands a quick single leg takedown but is not strong enough to maintain the advantage, his power having been drained by Braden’s life sucking offense. Charron lands huge knees to Tony’s gut before applying a Camel Clutch. Tony fights out only to be caught again by a more aggressive application of the hold. This time Charron shouts in rage flexing his bicep “look at that the size of your fucking face.” The resilient jobber bitch continues to talk shit even while bent wholly too far backwards in a Camel Clutch. Braden loses his temper and begins to unleash a far more sadistic assault than he has previously administered. Something about Law’s shit talk sends the big bodybuilder into a massive rage that has the big man unleashing over the knees and alternating single leg crabs. “Remember I’m in control,” the angry bodybuilder snarls. “This is my fucking ring.” As the beat down heats up Charron shows Law who the fucking man is, as well as identifying the bottom bitch boy.

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