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Season 16 Episode 3: Six Pack Bash 9




Braden slams his fist into Boston accented hunk Carter Alexander’s sweet six pack. Braden doesn’t just throw any right hand; he smashes one of the hardest muscle punches imaginable square into Carter’s midsection. When Alexander collapses, Charron walks over him like a doormat, thrusting his heel into Carter’s lower abdomen. Alexander squirms as Charron delivers three, four, five hard punches in a row, each with more ferocity and aggression. The bodybuilder works over the lean stud with his huge quads, constricting the air flow to Alexander’s lungs. “Show off those abs for me!” Braden commands while stretching Carter out, his midsection visibly reddened by the present beating. “No more!” Alexander screams as he is put in a dragon zzz where his abs can be worked over even more.


Charron continues beating and dissecting the rib cage of Alexander, switching between air ripping torture holds and hard strikes, all zoned in on the ripped abs of Alexander. Carter’s resolve to show off his abs fades from the first punch that Braden throws, but the lean stud has the heart and will to keep taking abdominal punishment. His six pack is strong and resilient, but slowly and surely Braden starts to squash and mash the kid’s abs to pieces. When the pain is too much from the non-stop beating Alexander gives again and again. Braden ignores his cries and continues wailing on the pretty boy’s gut. Carter begins to pass out from the immense pain but has no choice but to keep taking a vicious, ab reddening, midsection crushing, six pack destroying assault.

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