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Season 10 Episode 4: Back Busters 2




Braden Charron is back in the MDW ring, perfecting his posing routine until Joey Carter hops in the ring with a confident smile. "Are you really going to interrupt my posing routine?" Braden sighs, knowing where thing are going with the slim rookie. Braden makes a move to grab Joey but the rookie has a speed advantage and manages to exploit it and get behind the big man. Braden, a savvy veteran, knows how best to nullify speed; he delivers several mighty forearms to the back of Carter before scoop slamming him into the mat. Joey, no longer smiling, clasps his lower back and Braden has his target.

"I'm gonna take care of that speed right now" Charron says with self satisfaction as he stomps away at the thighs and lower back of Carter. Braden hoists the rookie into a very tight bearhug, hiking Joey's Calvin Klein's way up his sweet ass. The bodybuilder growls and demands to know if Carter gives. "You gonna give? huh speedy" Braden howls at Carter before throwing him to the ring floor.

Braden, using Joey as a weight, curls him high and then snaps him hard in an over the knee back breaker, where he bends him deep over his knee. For a moment, he reminds Carter that he does not discriminate against the back or the front and applies a brutal pec claw, something all rookies must learn to handle. Throwing him into corners and stepping over the beaten up Carter, Braden turns up the heat with more back breaking submission holds! He goes from another long, lung crushing bearhug to the match's first camel clutch, where he proudly flexes his bicep in Joey's face, telling him, "kiss it!" When Carter is slow to respond Braden slams down all his weight into Joey's back before hoisting him up again into the painful submission hold. "Come on I know you wanna give, how can you be standing it? you must like it rough, Braden sounds off like a badass.

After stretching Carter's back in the unrelenting ropes, Braden delivers another devastating over the knee and then locks on his famous Boston Crab; he pumps his arms up even more while demanding that Joey give. Holding out on admitting defeat, Carter bites his tongue and absorbs an even bigger beating to his back and everywhere else, as more bearhugs, nelsons, otk's, crabs, and even a vicious torture rack await the already crushed and squashed rookie twink.

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