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Season 31 Episode 2: Oil Hunks 14



Braden and Joey Justice are two cocky Muscle Gods. When they walk in a room they both are used to being the total focal point of everyones attention. So when Joey walks into MDW's ring to find Braden in a self absorbed muscle flexing trance, he obviously cant let that stand.

The two thick slabs of ripped muscle go back and forth before agreeing that they need to face off in a test of strength- Locking up for mercy to see who has the upper hand. Not content with that, they move on to arm wrestling, seeing which biceps come out on top, testing their rock hard endurance. 

Naturally however, the culmination is the two egos boiling over into a hot and sweaty wrestling match, where the two see who is truly the superior, and who will be oiling who's muscles up in defeat.

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