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Season 14 Episode 5: Fantasy Heels 5

Round 1

Contest ready Braden Charron and tatted rookie hunk Cal Bennett are sharing the weight room (also the mat wrestling room) at MDW headquarters. Cal is pumping up with barbell curls, dressed in a tight black top and keeping it casual with sweatpants. Braden chooses to use some dumbbells to get his blood flowing; he is in jeans and a gray beater. Between curls Cal gets hot and strips off his shirt, revealing a gray tank top of his own. Now Bennett’s inked arms can be seen swelling up from the repetitions. This small gesture from Cal is enough to catch Braden’s attention; soon Charron is stripping his tank off, revealing a dialed in physique, as he hits a front double bicep flex with his own illustrated muscle.


Charron shoots a quick look in Cal’s direction to make sure the young stud was watching, and then addresses Bennett. “So you’re the big Cal guy, I’ve been hearing about, new stud, wrestler, bodybuilder, huh?” Cal sends his top to the ground, responding simply, “That’s me.” Charron looks Cal up and down, quickly finding and firing the first insult, “They said you were a big guy, maybe they meant height wise. Looks like you need to pump up some more; you’re in here with the big dog.” Braden’s quick jibe adds instant tension to the scene as the two men, who have already called one another out in VIP flexing videos, grab the weights once more.


The veteran bodybuilder has the rookie hit a front double bicep pose, grabbing the tape measure. “Let’s see if you’re bigger than me.” Braden wraps the tape round Cal, measuring his arms and chest. Bennett reciprocates and the men read off their measurements. The winner of the measurement contest suggests a test of strength via arm wrestle to solidify his win. After arm wrestling, Cal and Braden move to mercy and have an intensely close match.


Cal and Braden exchange victories and losses through multiple rounds of strength tests. Seeking to obtain a leg up in the overall strength score, Charron leads Cal into a contest he feels he cannot lose. Cal strips down to U.S.A. trunks while Braden strips to a poser and the muscle gods have a pose-down. Prior to posing Braden states that a wrestling match is inevitable and indeed the rookie and bodybuilder get into it on the mats post pose-down.


Braden traps Cal in a front head-lock, hammering down forearms to Bennett’s back. The tanned bodybuilder smashes the inked commodity until the latter’s feet give way. Braden crushes Cal in between his thick quads. Cal calling out Braden earlier surely plays a role in Charron’s anger and desire to show off his top dog skills and power.

Feeling proud of his early success against Cal, Braden jumps to his feet and starts hitting some poses declaring, “That’s what a real man looks like.” With a surprisingly heel worthy tactic, perhaps out of desperation, Cal Grabs Braden from behind and drives his knee into the small of Braden’s back. “It’s not about size it’s about strength!” Cal cockily utters in a deep commanding tone. Before long, Cal has Braden in a torture rack, doing squats until Charron gives! The battle between these men goes through many stages, but on the most important stage of all, wrestling, Cal seems to have Braden’s number, capping off round 1.


Round 2

Braden is out for a rematch; Cal awaits him curling dumbbells, having changed into a tight blue leotard. Charron demands his rematch while mocking the gear of Cal; Braden is changed into a leather print jock strap. Cal responds to Braden by stripping to a leopard print, barely ass containing G-string and accepts the match recalling, “You saw what I could do last time.”


This time, the savvy veteran Charron, has a plan. Proposing to Cal that his posing needs some work, Charron leads Cal through an exhausting posing lesson, making Cal hit flex after flex. “They call this one the money shot,” continues Braden, as he has Cal spread his legs, leaving his balls exposed. One huge uppercut later and Cal is on the mat clutching his nuts, while Braden laughs above him. Charron Cockily places his foot on the fallen Cal and poses over him. When the bodybuilder is satisfied, he camel clutches Bennett and then applies a leg scissor hold that has Cal screaming. Returning the favor from their earlier encounter, Braden drives his knee into Bennett’s back, stretching the tattooed stud to his breaking point.


In the zone, Charron rolls Cal onto his back and pins his arms to the mat. With ferocious intent, Braden rains down heavy blows to Bennett’s abs and pecs. After repeated blows, Braden claws his way into Cal’s chest and no amount of groping at Braden’s muscles can save Cal. Still, Bennett will not give, so Charron delivers more punishing pec blows and reapplies his claw. Cal cannot contain his screams, especially as Braden begins to perform pec claw push-ups. Braden counts his reps as Bennett struggles for breath.


Charron continues to get his revenge on Cal. “You still won’t give.” A mounting frustration can be heard in Charron’s voice as he locks on a tight full nelson. Swinging Cal back and forth, Braden seems to be close to getting a submission out of Cal. If Cal will not give up, he will have to pass out in Braden’s full nelson. Charron has Cal to his knees, but Bennett finds a second wind! Instead of passing out, Cal powers out and reverses the hold. All of a sudden Cal is control, but will he be able to put Charron away a second time, after the beating he has taken?

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