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Season 30 Episode 2: Meaty Muscle Massacre 8



Flash LaCash, a devilish pro, with countless high profile ring battles, touches down to take a swim in the hardcore open ocean, the treacherous abyss known as MDW. His inaugural opponent, Braden “Big Dog” Charron is no stranger to these unforgiving high tides, comfortably strutting his stuff, utterly self-mesmerized at the site of his unprecedented conditioning. The big dog is rock hard, abs are slabs, all in a defined row, begging to be tested. LaCash is momentarily transfixed, his eyes glued to Braden’s performance, before suddenly snapping his consciousness back to the realm of his malicious intent. Flash is cordial, inviting Charron to show that big back off, but there is an underlying sinister sound in his tone which betrays his true intent. Braden is either to self-absorbed to recognize this nuance, or simply feels like he looks, indomitable. 


From the backside, bam! Charron shows a width rivaling the Great Wall, a view completed by the miniscule posing trunks that seem to shrink away amidst the flexing muscle man ass. Jaw dropping as the view is, Flash is true to his namesake, and with impressive speed and precision applies a full nelson by element of surprise, for Braden is surely too big to get underneath and around, were it the old-fashioned way. But LaCash never plays by the rules, especially not with a big boy bruiser like Braden, who determinedly opposes the nelson, bringing bulging biceps into a full-frontal pose and pushing down against his antagonists hold. 


Braden’s strength prevails as he breaks lose. But Flash is glued to the big dog, digging a knee deep to the midsection, doubling a winded Charron over. “This isn’t a bodybuilding contest, this is pure wrestling domination,” LaCash bellows from above his victim. A quintessential Camel Clutch submission emphasizes LaCash’s mission and previous statement. Flash delights in a basic wrestling maneuver torturing his overmuscled prey. The sadistic heel is all too aware of the oxygen needed to fuel the big dog’s big body and methodically begins employing various ways to drain Braden even faster, such as locating and artery and severing its flow with pressure. 


Having been through the ringer, Braden’s durability is displayed, Charron unwilling to give the heel what he wants, a concession, an “I give.” LaCash is momentarily frustrated by the big dog’s resilience but ultimately quite happy to extract what he wants with a prolonged vicious beating. Braden reaches for the ropes, pulling his 250-pound bodybuilder frame to its feet. Looming at his back, the nightmare heel patiently waits for Braden to gain a modicum of bearing, before tangling the big dog in the ropes, where entwined, Braden is left no chance of escape. This detriment to his movement deepens Charron’s discomfort when the middle rope rides up Braden’s nutsack, splaying his bulging dick out into the air like a waving flag. If that wasn’t enough to break the big dog down, LaCash further incentivizes a tap from Charron, by yanking the latter’s neck and upper back against the taught top rope, in a maelstrom of malevolence.

“Get that oxygen going,” the heel taunts, wrapping Charron further in his rope cage, applying more and more torture, including a dragon ZZZ on fully exposed neck. “Now all systems are go,” observes LaCash, in sight of the evident pump in Braden’s body via oxygenic starvation. Flash returns to the first submission he used, this time sinking the nelson in fully on a spread-eagled, delirious Braden. LaCash continues to mock Charron’s bodybuilding by exclaiming the results of his heel pumping method as opposed to Braden’s posing. “Full body domination!”

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