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Season 32 Episode 3: Oil Hunks 15



Nearly nude, Braden Charron awaits his oil boy (a reluctant Xander in need of some extra cash). At Braden’s behest Xander starts the rub down, lathering Charron as the bodybuilder stretches into a biceps pose. “Make sure you get enough on there,” Charron cautions, fearful that his recalcitrant oil boy will be neglectful in his duties. “Won’t take much,” Xander retorts, daring to poke fun at the size of Braden’s biceps. Again the bodybuilder commands his oiler to add more oil and make sure the guns glisten. The Giant Xander complies but not without boldly declaring, “You’re not even that big.” 


Still flexing, but sensing the lack of humor in Xander’s tone, Charron asserts that indeed he has “the size and the strength.” The nasty, cocky Xander takes it to the next level by stating that he is in fact stronger. “Please..” Braden puffs. Xander ceases the oil rub and shoving Braden’s biceps away questions, “Oh, you don’t think so?” Charron concedes that his former oil boy has a pretty good physique, but that’s all he has, certainly possessing no strength to back it up. “I’m also 6’5” the giant reminds Charron, suggesting the proportionate level of strength that is natural to men of that stature. 


Without further banter Braden is taken up on his offer to test who is really stronger. Xander bears down with his awesome height, his fingers interlaced with his employer. Chest to chest the arrogant competitors struggle, searching for dominant position. Xander’s leverage proves a tall test for Charron who drops the first contest but comes back full-power in the second serving of mercy. The two muscle men exhaust each other to a standstill, neither gaining the upper hand to take the lead in their third contest of strength. 


Pointing to the ground, Braden directs Xander to meet him in an arm-wrestle. With Xander’s height negated, Charron starts to overpower the young stud, but the sadistic, ill-tempered Xander cocks Charron with a cheap shot saying, “Fuck this shit! I know I’m stronger than you.” Braden laments the unfair blow, writhing on the mat as Xander regains his full height, then blasts Braden’s back with a double axe hammer strike. The heel aspirant, barks at Braden to get up and when Charron complies he is swiftly brought low again, courtesy of a shot to the nuts! 


Charron gropes his tender balls, but in so doing leaves his neck exposed, which Xander assails with a rear mounted tight choke-hold. The bodybuilder’s face reddens then purples as he struggles without success to find oxygen. Xander yanks harder and harder as Braden’s big arms slowly droop until his entire mass is left lifeless. Uncaring and vicious, Xander yells, “Who’s stronger now!” but Braden is beyond being able to hear the heel, snoozing like a big muscle baby, face-down in a pile of drool. When Xander has his fill punishing Braden, he adds to Charron’s humiliation demanding an oil worship session, to which the defeated bodybuilder has no choice but to comply.

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