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Season 9 Episode 3: Bodybuilder Humiliation




When a bodybuilder steps into a room, they command respect; the bulging muscle exudes an aura of invincibility and makes them seem more god than man. As such, a big man like Braden Charron expects and demands recognition as prime grade a beef sitting atop the food chain; he is the predator and everyone else the prey.


Although Braden has let men get the better of him before, much to his chagrin, he realizes that it always took dirty heel tactics to take him off his feet. The thought of an opponent overpowering his massive muscles is a remote fantasy. Charron knows no one can beat him in a fair match where strength and power are concerned. Even as he gets a look at the man he has been matched up with, there is not a moment of hesitation, nor inkling of doubt that his muscle strength will be able to combat the massive 400+ pound size of the Mountain. "I'm a bodybuilder and a powerlifter" Braden boasts, with a cocky smile on his face. 
The Mountain scoffs at Charron's posing routine. "You think you're some big man, huh?" he challenges. With both men's unbudging confidence, there remains one way to settle the matter of who is stronger between the fat monstrosity in a xxxl singlet, and the sculpted Braden, who shows nearly everything off, barefoot in his posing trunks. They meet in the center of the ring, combining for a 650 pound lockup. It is immediately evident that the gargantuan Mountain is genuinely twice the size of Braden; this is something the likes of which the beautiful boddybuilder has never encountered. The muscle man quickly begins to realize that this is an entirely different type of strength, that mass might be stronger than muscle. The Mountain effortlessly tosses Braden aside like limp meat with each lock up. Charron is shocked. In a bold attempt to regain some face the formerly mighty muscle man offers a good old fashioned test of strength, a mercy lockup. Once again the behemoth's power proves to be more weight than Charron can curl as he starts screaming in shock and pain.

Braden experiences a complete rupturing of all alpha male standards. All the hard work, hours in the gym, tanning, shaving, posing practice and countless other details that stack up to create the perfect man are thrown in Braden's face as suddenly unimportant. Sure, next to his grotesque opponent, Charron looks the litmus for physical perfection, but none of that matters in the ring, his ideals and good looks are not going to win him the match, and nothing can buy back his dignity. Braden should be able to say and do whatever he wants to his unshapely opponent, those are the rules by which he has lived his life, the same rules that govern all of society and now they are shattered.

Being thrown around like a rag doll, hoisted in the air for suplexes and having his muscled body violated and squeezed all over, Braden is forced to endure the humiliation of being powerless even though, on the surface he appears stronger than his obese opponent. To amplify the humiliation, the Mountain taunts "when are you gonna start your comeback? You're big, come on! That's right you don't get no comeback, wanna know why? cause I'm better than you and you're nothing." Braden the bodybuilder is forced to submit many times, but the ultimate submission is knowledge that he got beaten by a fat man, who never needed to touch a weight.

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