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Season 9 Episode 4: Oil Hunks 2



Men are split in two factions: the guys with the muscle body and the guys that want to get their hands all over that muscle. Hunter James is the type that loves being in the ring with a big bodybuilder; he signs himself up for private wrestling matches with men he knows he could never beat, because he wants to have all that muscle power spilling over him. Lucky for him Braden Charron, a beautiful bodybuilder nearly twice the weight of James, has agreed to wrestle him and show him some moves. At least that is what Braden has told James. Charron has other ideas though as he understands the disposition of Hunter, the male admirer; he sees a perfect oppurtunity to take the day off and get his muscles oiled up, rubbed down and worshipped.


Braden is already getting his pump on with weights and pushups when Hunter arrives for their match. The bodybuilder can hardly hide his self contentment as he questions James about the item he asked him to bring "I see you forgot the one thing I asked you to bring" he says lightheartedly. The offense is not a disruption to Charron's plans however, as he produces an oil bottle of his own; clearly the muscle man was in no way going to let anything ruin his planned worship session.


Braden puts Hunter to work, telling him he would show him a few moves but that James is to get on his knees and start rubbing the oil in. James happily indulges in the request and starts obediently worshipping all that muscle. When the massage drifts towards Braden's covered cock, he realizes that James will not be able to get to worship properly with his trunks on and he orders the gay muscle fan boy to take them off so they will not get any oil on them. Hunter finds himself in a nude camel clutch, hardly knowing what to do with himself being mounted by a fully nude muscle god who could take him from behind at any moment.


Braden takes his time showing James some moves but uses most of his session as the full body worship that every bodybuilder deserves. Both James and Charron make sure that every inch of bare skin is covered with oil and worshipped properly throughout, until the only question that remains is who enjoys the naked muscle exhibition experience more.

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